Holiday Style Guide: Gina

Get dressed for office parties and weekend lounging this season with GinaJeanz

Words: Modupe Oloruntoba | Photographs: Damon Fourie | Art Direction: Mandy Nash

Just as everyone’s winding up to party, Gina’s ready to wind down. Makes sense if you keep as busy as she does - she’s a model, an illustrator, an electronic producer, a master’s student and now an entrepreneur. You may recognise her from our mixtape series, or maybe from the film poster she illustrated for Terry Pheto’s Ayanda Cannes film festival tour?

This year she released 3 singles for her upcoming EP, started a business and is about to start work on the new tracks she’s been invited to produce at the Red Bull Music Academy. “Starting out with a good studio like Red Bull is very important - you get the platform to showcase your music, meet collaborators, work with African vocalists. It’s very exciting.” With all that excitement, homegirl is understandably beat. “There’s nothing wrong with turning up, but I’ll be home by 11:30,” she says of her New Year’s Eve plans. “I’ll just grab some food, pray, and quietly go into the new year.”


That’s not to say Gina doesn’t love a good time. One look at her instagram account will tell you she loves a good get together with her mod-squad, and there will be several before the year is out. Gina’s party dress pick is perfect - easy to dance in, wearable in the heat, and not too formal. It’s great for the often tricky to navigate office party outfit, but since Gina’s a freelancer who works from home, the closest she comes to office parties is dinner with her "colleagues" - other models. This number will be going out on the town. “My friends like to throw dinners... This would definitely be for dinner and dancing with the models - you know how they are.” Any tips on partying like a model? “Fuel up properly - eat well, sleep well, if you expect your body to keep going.”


As for weekend chills, you’ll find Gina where the music is, in an outfit that’s as cool as it is comfortable - “When you’re comfortable you look even better.” Tonal dressing is back and ‘tumblr pink’ is in, making Gina’s weekend ready outfit selection a certified win-win. Make it your own by switching up the colour palette, trading the body suit for a relaxed tee, or giving up the heels for flatforms. Where to, you ask? “The Goldfish parties at Shimmy Beach Club - that would be the look.”

Photographers assistant - Lufezo-Jigga Thomas
Studio - Buchanan Studios
MUA - Saffiyah Cassim Khan at One League