Meet Tshepo, young, single and ready to mingle

We’ll be honest, we don’t know your family or your friends, but we do know gifting, and so in the spirit of the season we’ve put the people you’ll be buying for into neat little boxes so that you can figure out more easily what you should buy for them. Meet Tshepo...

Young, single, and ready to mingle, Tshepo is ready for summer to strike and supply what’s in demand. Ever since moving to Cape Town for work, it’s become a non-negotiable fact of life: we don’t go home for Christmas. We can go home to visit the family out of season, maybe catch the Durban July while we’re at it. This Christmas we’ll be celebrating at Shimmy Beach, The Grand, and wherever else the beautiful ladies are at. It’ll make for a nice change from a winter spent at Cubana in Green Point.

“So you’re actually from Cape Town?” she asks as you pour another drink, sitting at the table by the front with the perfect sight of the entrance. “I am at the moment”, Tshepo smiles, “I’m the CFO of a tech startup”, Tshepo lies. It’s only a matter of time though, he’s in the industry, and his trajectory is aligned to have him leaving Maps in the dust. He orders 2 more bottles, one Moet (“Moot”) and one Veuve Clicquot (“Vev”).

What little isn’t spent on lifestyle is spent on fashion. There’s always room for another pair of jeans or a well-priced tee, but it’s gotta be a good deal – the big money goes to the sneaker museum being built in Tshepo’s wardrobe. That’s status. Throw in a Fossil watch, a shweshwe top and a Simon & Mary hat for good measure. Tshepo’s got an eye for style, until Saturday afternoon that is. Then you’ll finding him watching United at the Fire & Ice hotel with a Chiefs top hugging a small but satisfied paunch. He whistles towards the bar, “Another round of Peroni and Heineken! Imports only!”