Superga x Trevor Stuurman

Superga has aligned with South African style influencer Trevor Stuurman

Trevor Stuurman has been selected as Superga’s influencer for SS16. A talented stylist with impeccable taste, Trevor’s love of bold prints, sunnies and hats align perfectly with both the Superga campaign, as well as the range he handpicked. What does the range include? Two of Superga's Panatta styles — the 2750 Ecru/Navy and the 2750 Navy Ecru.

Adriano Panatta, who remains the inspiration behind the sports shoe, entered the tennis hall of fame on June 13th, 1976 by becoming the first Italian to win the French Open tennis championship stylishly clad in his Superga Sports shoes. 40 years after his victory, his collaboration with Superga Sport re-launches the Panatta range, paying tribute to this iconic Italian sportsman and the Superga’s he played in.

The Panatta Sport Shoe highlights what Adriano Panatta is personally known for – power, speed, and touch – while Superga is a sneaker that encapsulates the aspect of togetherness in the style community that’s led by influencers like Trevor Stuurman, who we were lucky enough to chat with...

It's been a while, how is the life of an in-demand influencer treating you? 
It has always been a demanding part of life, but it is such a passion, and so rewarding! It's really all I ever could’ve prayed for!

You're now able to add 'shoe designer' to your ever-growing list of talents. Please talk us through the collaboration with Superga.
I met with the Superga team early on in 2016 and the fit was clear. We knew we had to work together! It’s been a very organic and creatively in-tune project. I work with brands where I feel goals and ethos are in common, and this was true from the get-go. It’s an exciting milestone I’m adding to my career and foresee the relationship with Superga being a lasting one.

Why do you think Superga chose you to embody their People's Shoe Campaign?
I would probably say that would be attributed to my afro-centric aesthetic, my point of view on South African style and perhaps my influence on where fashion in this country is directed. 

Can you tell us about shooting this campaign, specifically the outfits you put together for the shoot?
It was such a fun and positive shoot! Everything fell into place very organically and naturally – everyone seemed to be on exactly the same artistic wavelength. All of the outfits were sourced from local designers, with styling done on set as we went along. The styling was done around each shoe from the collection.

What are your summer style tips? 
1. Hats are always important – giving an instant and great silhouette.
2. A Classic pair of white sneakers – Superga’s being my first pick! They are so effortless and versatile; for any outfit from your most casual weekend wear to a chic suit.
3. This tip is very important to me: Shop and support local!

Why is life better in sneakers?
Sneakers have such great comfort value while providing an effortless edge to any look!

When it comes to occasion wear, how can we stand out from the rest?
Comfort is so important, because when you’re comfortable you can only put your best foot forward, no matter where you go.
And then lastly, where can we find you this summer?
This summer I’ll be traveling Morocco and Cape Town.