The Mixtape Vol. 72

Lift off at club AND with Sound Sensible

The Liftoff party at AND marks day one of the In the City weekend. Its not-to-be-missed lineup includes Eats Everything, 2Lani the Warrior, Ricardo Da Costa, and techno kings Sound Sensible, a name local techno fans will recognise from TOYTOY club nights and dance stages around the country. You may even recognise the mix they sent our way, a memorable set from their TOYTOY residency. Bonded by their love of techno, brothers Grant VR and Craig Placid have performed together as Sound Sensible for 12 years, maturing into stalwarts of the South African techno scene. We talked to them about techno, reinvention, and working side by side. 

How have you reinvented your sound over the years?

CRAIG: To me, it’s an evolution of sound within yourself. When I started listening to dance music, certain sounds attracted me to a certain style or sound of music, and as I grew with the music certain other sounds and frequencies appealed to me a lot more. Music and sound for me is a really personal journey, one which has brought us here where we are today.

GRANT: As Craig said, it’s been a natural progression. As I’ve matured so has my music. Sure I keep a keen eye and ear to what's going on globally, but I have always trusted my instincts and gone with music that feels right at that specific time.

Why techno?

CRAIG: Techno as a genre accommodates more than just dancing, it’s a sound that has a certain intensity around it. It has emotion, mood, drive and soul. There is something about techno that makes it all come together, creating a deeper way of hearing music in its entirety.

GRANT: I think techno chose me I didn’t choose techno. Different music speaks to different people in different ways. Techno moves me. So that’s what I play.

Talk us through the mix you've sent. 

SOUND SENSIBLE: It’s a live recorded mix from our weekly techno nights at TOYTOY. It’s a really special mix for us, and shows a full spectrum of music we can move through within our sets. This particular night we felt in full control of the crowd and the energy that came with it was immense. It was really special and the place was going off!

What can we expect at SxITC AND Liftoff, and who are you most excited to see at SxITC Weekend? 

SOUND SENSIBLE: We will be transforming AND to accommodate two dancefloors for the Liftoff evening. Each floor with an international headliner. Eats Everything on the one floor and Eric Volta on the other. It’s going to be a night a lot of us won’t easily forget. Beardyman should be an amazing act to see live at SxITC.

What's it like to work as brothers almost every day for 12 years straight?

SOUND SENSIBLE: We wouldn’t have it any other way. There has always been that brotherly rivalry between us, and luckily we have managed to channel that competitiveness and energy into creating something really special. It’s amazing to be able to create and share music and some amazing experiences with one another and we'll keep doing so for a long time to come.

What are you currently busy with and what’s coming up for Sound Sensible in the near future?

SOUND SENSIBLE: We have just got our online radio show, Sound Sensible Radio, up and running again and have some great local and international guests lined up until the end of the year.

This weekend we are at Wolfkop Weekender in Citrusdal near Cape Town. We regard it as one of South Africa’s best boutique festivals and we're super excited to be doing a 4-hour closing set on the Friday night.

It's also TOYTOY’s birthday this month and there are two great internationals lined up. Clarian on the 16th of September and Luigi Tozzi for the big birthday event on the 23rd of September.