Converse Shield Canvas

Fresh on the rack: a canvas classic gets an all-weather update

It’s been advised that you don’t go chasing waterfalls; however, if you’re properly prepared you can do just that while still sticking to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to, and without any risk of continuing your journey in soggy shoes.

Established in 1908 in Massachusetts, Converse makes shoes for individuals who rebel against the norm, live creatively and are always on the go. But then because your favourite kicks are constructed mainly from canvas, it means that sometimes you need to sacrifice style for galoshes.

Things have changed thanks to the Converse Shield Canvas, which takes the iconic All Star and turns it into an all-weather sneaker. Fabricated from 18oz Counter Climate Shield Canvas, with a gusseted tongue, the new Chucks are water-repellent enough to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable in wet weather. Nike Lunarlon insole technology provides better cushioning – no matter how hard you stomp in puddles – while the Converse traction rubber outsole will keep your feet firmly stuck to the ground when surfaces start to get slippery. Reflective heel padding and barrel laces make for better visibility in those wintery low-light conditions. The clincher is that all these updates don't interfere with the classic silhouette and the Converse Shield Canvas is still the Chuck we love.

Nobody should have to endure trench foot, and now that your All Stars can stand up to everything from the muddiest festival to the type of thing TLC sing about, they truly are the wear anywhere, do anything shoe that are as functional as they are stylish.