Spring Style: Meet Chante

Chante Botha rocks our Pretty 90s trend

Photographs by Julian Le Ballister 


The girl

Because no one escapes trigonometry, for the last year and a half Chante Botha has been running straight from school to castings, auditions, and editorial sets as soon as the school bell has rung. Her grey and white uniform is somewhat neatly piled in an unused corner of the studio we’re shooting our campaign in, next to what looks like a pair of Toughees (feel old yet?). It’s a long drive from her school in the Northern Suburbs to the CBD, but she seems to think it’s more than a fair trade for all the fun she’s having. She’s pretty chill for an 18-year-old, silently taking in everything happening on set while waiting to be called on for her next shot. On the days when she’s not working, she can be found sharing a pizza with her friends or lending a hand at a dog shelter near home. After homework, of course. “I like athletics too,” she adds. “I also like to sing, but I’m not really talented at it.” *Shrug*

The trend

Chante’s rocking a collection we’ve called Pretty 90s because our teenage dreams of waking up one day having morphed into Cher Horowitz – or Dionne or even Tai for that matter – are still alive and well. We are here for the chokers, the slip dresses, and even the Spice Girl-esque platforms. It’s funny how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone with styles from a time that was as full of cringeworthy fashion moments as it was packed with fun. Chante’s too young for some of the throwback looks to conjure up any nostalgia – even though her cardigan and slip dress outfit is straight out of 10 Things I Hate About You – but she pulls it off anyway because it’s really all about attitude. Wear with barely-there-hardly-care hair and makeup ala Kate Moss or Nia Long.

Key item

The key to keeping the look on the right side of retro is getting your final touches right by keeping them modern. In this case, focus on your outerwear. In keeping with the too-cool-for-you attitude that characterised 90s fashion, our team went with a light ¾ trench and a satin bomber in a shade quickly becoming known as ‘Tumblr pink’.  If pastels are not your vibe, olive is an ideal alternative and also makes for a punchy partner to soft pink hues.

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Model: Chante B @ Twenty Model Management