Hang Time

If these walls could talk they’d say thank you

Words: Dylan Muhlenberg | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Charl Edwards

Minimalism is cool, but sometimes it can be downright cold, and personally we like our rooms to be a reflection of the people we are - warm. Which is why ever since we Presticked posters above our bed, we’ve banished barren walls and have been in favour of decorating our spaces.

This story is a much more grown up take on our teenaged bedrooms, but no less different, and Charl Edwards has created four different scenarios for four different rooms, in the hopes that it inspires you to upgrade the spaces in your home. We’ve also taken the liberty of including wall art tips so that you may never need to Prestick a poster to your bedroom wall ever again. 

No matter whether you cohabit a flat with your best friends, live in a house with your family or share a bachelor apartment with your cat, the right art will make a house feel like a home. Dress your walls and they’ll talk. What message they send is totally up to you.

Nature Inspired

Natural elements make us feel calmer, more relaxed, grounded; which is why nature inspired décor is perfect for the room you’ll spend the majority of your time in. To make your living room a truly living room – use plants. Pot plants can be moved around with ease, succulents are a cinch and hanging plants are still trending so macrame is a must. However, if you have a black thumb you can rely on nature inspired soft furnishings and Superbalist’s selection of wall art. As this is probably the biggest room in your home, now’s your chance to create the type of feature wall you’d typically find in a gallery. Then bring more of the outdoors in using natural fibres, textures and patterns and opting for furniture and accessories in wicker, rattan, cork, bamboo and hemp. Reclaimed wood, up-cycled pallets and other rough hewn furniture will celebrate the imperfection of nature. Found objects are the cheapest way to decorate, and will give purpose to your walks. While looking out for bleached animal bones and interesting rocks, forage for sprigs of flora and keep your beaker vases well stocked. And remember, light and oxygen are crucial to nature so keep your curtains and windows w-i-d-e open.

TOP TIP: 57”

Most people hang their art too high, which puts it too far away from the rest of the furniture. There’s a simple way of ensuring harmony among not just the pictures in your home, but all the other furnishings it should be playing nice with – the 57” rule. This represents the average human eye-height and is regularly used as a standard in many galleries and museums. Just remember that the centre of your artwork should be at 57 inches, which means you need to measure the height of the art, divide it in half and then add that above the 57” height. 


The freelance economy, moonlighting gigs and the always-on nature of modern day employment means that a space dedicated to work, works. Hugh Hefner ran his Playboy empire from bed, not you, so do better by investing in key pieces such as a desk, a chair, floating shelves and other accessories that will transform a quiet corner into a business hub. The trick for a truly pleasing home office is making sure all of the decorative elements play nice together, and the best way to do this is by focussing on a monochrome, black and white, geometric aesthetic. These accents will add eye-catching vigour to a room, so start with a rug and shape things from there using geometric shaped mirrors, pendant lights and our huge collection of geometric prints. Our favourite new trend at the moment is the faux marble and wood look, where low cost prints imitate the look of these luxe materials and make for high style. The French call it faux bois, and it’s a perfectly modern way to add texture to a room.

TOP TIP: Nail It

You know the old adage – measure twice and cut once – well the same applies when hanging pics. Before you knock in a nail first figure out what you’re going to be hanging and where. You can do that by laying the arrangement out on the floor until you’re happy with your assemblage, then cut out the shape of each picture and tape to the wall. You can now move around the templates on the wall as needed and once you’re happy simply drill or use a Hilti tool where necessary.


Save the vintage plates and rusty Victorian keys for your Pinterest page, and instead incorporate whimsical wall art to create the fairytale bedroom of your dreams. As it’s the most personal space in your home, the bedroom is where you can truly express yourself without holding back. Whether you share a bed or sleep on both sides, there's always room for a little romance. As an adult you can get away with sherbert shades when the room is otherwise neutral and clean-lined. Create a soft, feminine bedroom using pastel backdrops, rich accent shades and plush textures. A carefully curated bedside table will help make your fun and flirty bedroom practical, and you can keep your jewellery, rabbit and favourite fragrance at arms reach. To warm the room up use colours like cranberry and cherry red when accessorising, and don't forget the cushions, throws and lighting that will help set the mood. If your guy doesn’t like it? Well there’s always the couch. 

TOP TIP: Groups

Think of a group as one picture. After you arrange how you want them all to hang, start with the centre picture/pictures and then surround them with the rest of the group. After marking the centre, it’s better to work right to left, and remember that big elements, like a dark frame, will add more visual weight so it’s best to find a visual balance that’s pleasing to the eye.

Pop Art

Andy Warhol argued that people were more familiar with celebrities and modern, everyday items than they were with the classical figures typically represented in art. He was right, and the pop art movement that he helped usher in has had a major influence on every aspect of life, not least home decorating. Integrate pop culture and pop art into your home by simply finding those things that reflect who you are and what you’re into, and then celebrate them with our wall art. Superabalist’s pop art selection features everything from beer to bicycles, hot sauce to surfboards, Star Wars to Hunter S. Thompson... There's even a portrait of a swaggy Mandela sporting a fresh box cut. Music fans shouldn’t hide their records away and a record-stand will not only store those albums you keep in high rotation, but is also a great way to display cover art - no nails no fuss, and you can change them up on the daily. And if you're under the impression that you need a spare room in order to properly dedicate a space to your interests and passions, you’re wrong. Make use of a spare corner, a length of wall, or other wasted areas you never would've thought to explore. It’s imperative that the space you inhabit exists as a reflection of your personality, taste and style. Take the surfboard out of the garage, mount your bicycle to the wall, show off your toys and if you love Sriracha as much as we do then don't relegate it to the fridge, wall it.

TOP TIP: Hang Around

Walls are the obvious place to hang art but why not try out some of these other options: like a door, a column that's just a tiny bit narrower than the canvas, in front of a bookcase, or simply leave pictures sitting on the floor and resting up against the wall. Or don’t hang anything at all, and use a picture ledge instead, which you can switch up as often as your heart desires. Rules were made to be broken, after all. Have fun.