The Mixtape Vol. 65

Turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so

Team Superbalist recently travelled east to photograph Alisa Ueno, from Fig & Viper, and Losers' Thian Pillay at home in Tokyo for our new campaign. 

Dale Scogings, aka The Trinketspotter, was so inspired that she decided to make us a mixtape.

Dale unpacks her journey after the jump.


What was essentially a project that was meant to be a simple campaign execution turned into a rabbit hole of inspiration. And I was more than happy to play Alice.

A month ago I was given the “Japan” project. Sure, totally chilled. Ten minutes later and I’m 50 pins into an inspiration board of pure aesthetic perfection and cultural complexity. Neon lights, kawaii characters, luminescent arcades and fast paced scenes collaged with cherry blossomed streets, zen architecture, classic geisha girls and pure serenity. The ultimate juxtaposition of kitsch and taste, energy and calm, dark and light, future and history.

The contrast and the harmony therein - this is where the inspiration for this playlist lies.

The first song, a remix of Lost in Translation’s 'Alone in Kyoto' sets the tone for a playlist that is fast and slow, energised and ambient. The rest is made up of sounds that allude to vaporwave, traditional Japanese music, electro, dream pop and synth. These are the sounds of my Japanese imaginings. Enjoy.