My Want List

Six geese a laying? Quit playing! Buy Devon Daniels this swag instead

Devon Daniels is our new assistant footwear buyer, specialising in sneakers and launches, who owns around 90 pairs of kicks. He's seldom seen in the same pair twice and when he does have to rotate then you best believe that his sock game is Hercules.
Guy's also got what's arguably some of the best tats in the office. 
"I have a cyclops Jesus on my leg and my Siamese cat Sushi on my arm."
A dedicated follower of street fashion, Dev likes how street style isn't determined or designed in a boardroom, but comes from the street and it's many subcultures. First and foremost though, he's a sneakerhead. 
"I love sneakers. Always have and always will. My obsession today comes from when I was young and couldn't afford the pairs that all the cool kids had. Now I'm grown up and can buy myself as many shoes as I like. And even double up in the same pair if I want."
Because he's always worked in retail Dev doesn't equate December with holidays, and sees the last month of the year as more of an opportunity to make money. So spare a thought of Dev this Christmas and if you think he's been really, really good then buy him something off of his wishlist. 


I love Parra, he's one of my favourite artists, and I wear hats all the time, so this is just the perfect gift for me. All over print but not too loud. Perfect.


Classic white tee, rad black graphic. So again, having Parra gear now available in SA means I gotta get all I can get.


You can’t go wrong with basics. I’m not a big colour guy and if you were buying me a gift then your best bet is plain black or grey. These Joggers are chilled and easy. And because it's Carhartt you know you're getting quality and comfort.


Now these... Boom! Liquid silver, split tongue. Pure sex! That's shoe porn right there. I love the Gel-Lyte III, it’s slick with Japanese heritage and design.   Arigatō Japan!


Timex is a classic watch with a long history. I dig the cool basic analogue with a leather strap because you can wear it with anything.