Space Invaders

Rita Ora x adidas Originals show what happens when you aim for the stars

Words: Drew Davies 

Trademarked for her blonde hair and red lipstick, this British chart topping singer, actress and model has received wide acclaim for her many talents as well as her perfectly edgy fashion sense.

This year alone, she was a coach on the television show ‘The Voice’ a judge on the ‘X Factor UK’ and she released a number of widely adored tracks including a collaboration with Chris Brown.

Amongst all this though she collaborated on a project with adidas, launching something out of this world!

Rita and adidas Originals are back with another collection since seeing the brand drop the ‘Iconic Superstar’ collection earlier in 2015. But this time with something that ascends deep into cosmic imagination.

The pair took inspiration from spacecrafts, space suits and ultimately the intergalactic universe, to create the ‘Cosmic Collection” featuring both classic pieces and a variety of unique garments.

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The collection features four brilliant packs:

‘Mystic Moon’

At the centre of this inspiration was the moon itself, the monochrome palette, textures, shadowy, silhouetted surfaces to try recreate the feeling of landing on the surface of the moon’s surface. The textiles are shiny, rubberised, futuristic and protective; whilst the stingray treatment share space with big adidas branding. The pack consists of a hightop wedge silhouette and a slip on. With moon textured uppers on both but with a white covered midsole on the slip on and black lacing on the hightop. Besides the footwear, a similarly styled range of apparel completes the pack.

‘Space Shifter’

This time, not the appearance of the moon’s surface drew inspiration but the manner of its’ mercurial appearance that constantly and mysteriously transforms that sprouted another pack, the ‘Space Shifter’. The fabric includes the lights and dark elements as you’d expect, with lenticular rainbow fabrics are introduced against a black base. Featuring some more classic sports silhouettes and complimentary, unique fashion pieces. Colour blocks, solid black and textures reflect the lunar cycle in a distinctive way. One particular inclusion is an all­in­one retro­future 60s bodysuit amongst other very exciting apparel.

‘Planetary Power’

Launching their creativity from the face off the moon, the collaborative inspiration instead draws from the man­made as opposed to the natural. With ‘vintage space armour’ being the stimulus for the ‘Planetary Power’ pack. This pack introduces a customised custom Originals badge, that merges the iconic three­stripes with trefoil. Beyond that the badge features some famous red, white and blue patriotism against a collection of fresh black and white garments. Dynamic shapes, slashes, bold crops and layering define these articles.

‘Cosmic Confession’

This, the final frontier of the Cosmic collection was influenced by earth’s own ground control. Here functional space suits and mission­wear are explored and reinvented. Suggestions of retro sport and vintagely decorated utility colourways. Blue and yellow uniform tones with small twinkles of white in the three stripes and trefoil feature in the slimming cuts. Included in this pack are boyfriend tees, hoodies, leggings, an all­in­one long sleeve scoop neck maxi dress and a service cap that are not only comfortable but cosmically class. Some classic introductions include the Stan Smith, Attitude and Superstar Up sneakers but in colourways that you’ve never seen before.