My Want List

Forget the Four Calling Birds and buy this for Sibusiso Feni instead

The worst gift Sibusiso Feni ever received was a sack of oranges, but the gift that keeps on giving is the nickname that his younger siblings gave him after he finished all of the God of War games.

“I always tell people that it's from my dad, because he’s into Greek mythology,” laughs the dude known as Zeus.

As one of our newest members, Zeus previously worked at a financial institution so that he could “learn how to save money, beause I really suck at it.” And now he’s with us, “to make money so I can pay for my studies.”

A friendly, social and naturally helpful guy, Zeus is the perfect addition to our client concierge team where he solves problems on the daily. However, once he's completed his studies at Red and Yellow he hopes to join our marketing team. 

Zeus is also a very stylish young man, and the coats, suits and hats that fill his closet with are inspired by the likes of Josef Adamu, Denny Balmaceda, Streetetiquette, Durime, Public School, Pharrel, Kanye and Mr Raro.

Below you’ll find a list of the things that Zeus would like to find under his tree, and if anyone thinks that he’s been really, really nice then you can throw in a laptop, iPod or Nikon DX3 SLR, too.


These shorts are not too bright or too plain, nor too short or too long… they’re just right. Neutral wihtout being boring, basically they’re just awesome.


New Balance is known for comfort, but many people, including myself, have been sleeping on them. Ever since I copped myself a pair nothing was the same. The MD1500DS are next level, super comfortable and will add to my growing colleciton nicely. 


I’m 90s kid and this is a throw back to before my time. It’s a very unique looking piece and will add a pop to the most basic of heatwave outfits where it’s so hot you’re just wearing a vest and shorts. 


Two backpacks are always needed, one for your daily grind, another for those Saturdays where you need to up your game and look really good. You know, on your way to lunch but just had very few errands to run... Oh and the strap is dope, too.

Backpack Two

You have to look fresh when you grinding right? This is the perfect backpack when you're on your missions. More function over form. It just gets the job done. 


My Xhosa tradition means that I have to wear a hat, but even besides that, a simple black Simon & Mary hat is the one item  you can rock with anything. An essential for every man. 


Perfect for those sweltering sun, 40 degrees in the shade type of days. The Snapback together with the digital watch and some cool looking shorts will be my summer off-duty uniform.


This sneaker is the sneaker for right now. It has very little detail, a cool design and goes perfectly with a tailored suit. Better yet, lose the blazer. When worn with tailored pants the Adidas ZX Flux look hella fresh.


You know what they say about cool underwear? Neither do I. You still need cool underwear though; you don’t want to be basic, right?


My brother always says that you can never have too many shirts, which is true. I want an abundance of cool, well-fitted and quirky shirts for the summer.