#ComePlay at Superbalist's Pool Party

Meet the cast behind our second television commercial

Photography: Kope|Figgins and Ashraf Majiet

For our second television commercial Sam Coleman, the director, wanted to up the ante. 

“The basic premise is that the four kids who went for a skinny dip in the first ad go to a party where they meet another 50 people. Again it’s a very simple, natural script, but for this I wanted things on an epic scale.”

Shot on location at a sprawling Bishops Court estate, which used to belong to a baroness and is now inhabited by students so fun that we ended up roping them into our campaign, we then pulled in a massive cast of models, friends, friends of friends, staff members and people from our Superbalist 100 list. Then we did things like cover ourselves in Day-Glo paint and dance, jump in the pool, shoot one another with confetti guns while running around the tennis court, run around the overgrown garden, play with inflatables, play with water guns and a whole lot more that you'll just have to wait to see on TV.

In the meantime though, here's some behind-the-scenes action from the ad...