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It's your book that completes any vacation bag

Words: Cayleigh Bright | Styling: Sabrina Scott | Photos: Nick Gordon

Make your reading material matter this season with a good book to suit the mood of your summer break. Whether you're having your passport stamped or enjoying the sun in your own back yard, we've got you covered for every situation. No batteries required.

Beach holiday

Get seriously nostalgic with a beachside break and a book for grownups by a beloved children’s author. 

The book In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume 

This small town tale tells the story of a 1950s New Jersey community feeling somewhat unsettled by a series of three plane crashes taking place right in their backyard. Read it for the mood of a time when life's pace was more sedate, especially if you're aiming to slow down a little yourself. Don't read it if you're flying anywhere this holiday.

What to pack

Sunglasses, your SPF of choice, a towel that’ll let you get comfortable, a bag big enough to hold that towel, and whatever you wear to swim and soak up the sun.

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Country escape

Keep your cool in back-to-nature prints and look forward to a seriously laid-back break.

The book Dub Steps by Andrew Miller

Set in Johannesburg, this award-winning debut is a sci-fi story of a city abandoned and overgrown, and characters trying to make sense of the fact that they've been inexplicably left behind as their neighbours disappeared – and where to go next. Read it while you're getting back to nature, or feeling ready to do a little deep thinking.

What to pack

Comfortable shoes for exploring, a hat to keep summer rays at bay, and rugged luggage essentials as ready for adventure as you are.

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Get comfortable! Making yourself at home means surrounding yourself with your favourite things, and taking good care of yourself while you recharge and refresh.

The book Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi

Written by the editor of Vanguard magazine, and one of the first books to be published by exciting new imprint BlackBird BooksSweet Medicine tells the story of a young Zimbabwean graduate struggling to get ahead in her career amidst her countries economic woes. It's a relatable read that you can enjoy for its entertainment value, then think about a little deeper later. 

What to pack

No need to pack when your days off are spent in your own city. Curl up and cosy indoor with a little décor update, or grab a pillow and blanket to hit the garden, beach, pool or park.

City exploration

Whether you’re sightseeing in your own city or boarding a flight for the bright lights of a new destination, you’ll want to make sure that you see the sights in style.

The book Purity by Jonathan Franzen

Franzen fans rejoice: the bestselling author has produced another novel that's fast on its way to being as beloved as The Corrections and Freedom. Told in seven linked sections, this one is funny, complex, and ideal for enjoyment during a long summer with plenty of time spent reading – sure to pass time on long flights and in airports.

What to pack

Cool comfortable tees, a bag to keep your valuables close during explorations and excursions, a camera to capture landmarks and the moments, and shoes made for walking.

Road trip

Handling the long journey with shifts in the driver’s seat? You’ll want to make sure that you’ve got some exciting reading for the long road – and all the better if it’s bite-sized, ready to be enjoyed between pit stops, picnic breaks and time to appreciate the scenery.

The book Matric Rage by Genna Gardini and Failing Maths and my Other Crimes by Thabo Jijana

Smart, funny and relevant, these two collections of poetry are fresh from uHlanga, a brand new publishing press just for debut poets. The freshest young talent, bringing you reading that catches you in the feelings right when you least expect it? Yes, please. Warning: the beautiful covers mean that everyone will be asking you what you've got there, so don't expect uninterrupted reading.

What to pack

A power bank, coffee, snacks, a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and any other comforts that make for a smooth journey – like a cushion and headphones for your turn in the back or the passenger seat.

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