Petite Noir's Best

Yannick Ilunga's latest video examines the forward-thinking, progressive Africa and illustrates what he calls the ‘Noirwave’ movement

‘Best’ is featured on the forthcoming debut album from Petite Noir. Pre Order the album ‘La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful’ and get instant downloads of ‘Down’ and 'Best':

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‘La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful’ represents the first full expression of what Yannick Ilunga calls ‘Noirwave’, which is more of a concept than a specific sound. Inspired by innovators like Mos Def and legends Fela Kuti and Tabu Ley, Noirwave encompasses a ‘new African aesthetic’.


The video explores the modern day ‘Noirwave’ Africa. It examines the perception of Africa as a ‘dark continent’, largely unknown, exotic and distant. It shows the forward-thinking, progressive Africa and illustrates what Ilunga calls the ‘Noirwave’ movement. It looks at how only through visiting the continent can anyone gain a sense of one of its most fascinating features, that of its split identity; how incredibly and indescribably beautiful it is on the one hand, yet on the other hand, how raw and unforgiving it can be.


‘La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful’ will be released on 11th September 2015.


Director: Travys Owen https://vimeo.com/travysowen 

DOP: Michael Cleary https://vimeo.com/michaelcleary

Digital Art Direction, Animation, Compositing, Colouring : Dylan Wrankmore https://vimeo.com/user1362659

Edited by: Lucian Barnard

Art Direction: Rochelle Nembhard

Wardrobe and Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Hair and Makeup Amber Recha Caplan and Amori Birch

Focus Puller: Tim Christokat

DIT: Marina Korskowa

Spark: Faud Casker

Photographic Assistant: Jesse Fine

Produced By Travys Owen in association with Domino Recording Co