Superbalist Denim Dogs

Your haute couture hound could win you a R1000 shopping voucher

Here at Superbalist HQ, we’re kinda crazy about dogs. If you happen to find yourself eavesdropping on a conversation by the water-coolers, odds are it’s about dogs. Every day over lunch someone is sharing photos and stories about their pooch. The designers, they’re pretty much constantly drawing pictures of them, and honestly – between you and me – we’re pretty sure that the intern is almost certainly quarter Pomeranian.

So needless to say, when we came across LOVE magazine’s Dogs in Denim campaign we went crazy for it. It’s just the best (go look!) The suggestion was made that ahead of our denim campaign we get hold of all the photogenic pooches we could find, and shoot them in some of the amazing denim pieces available on-site. Just for fun! And wouldn’t you know it, they all ended up looking absolutely amazing.

So here’s where you come in. We know how much so many of you love your dogs – well now your precious pooches can help you win a R1000 voucher to use on any of our new denim products launching on the 11th of August.

How? It’s easy.

Post a pic of your dog dressed in denim to either Twitter or Instagram

Use the hashtag #SuperbDenimDogs (and don't forget to tag us!)

The most dapper of dogs, the prettiest of pooches, the most majestic of mutts, will win the R1000 voucher on the 13th of August!

And remember:

- Only entries on Twitter and Instagram count.

- Photos must be original. Nothing off the internet.

- No cats allowed.

So there we have it! Many thanks to our models, all of them absolute divas: Rosie, Bruno, Bentley, Snookie, Hugo, Charlie, Harry, Winston, Pow, Pixel and Wazi.