The Mixtape Vol. 15

The Relevant Blog's Nash Mariah made us a mixtape

Nash Mariah works in advertising, but don't hold that against him. His creative outlet, The Relevant Blog, is a platform to promote the music that he’s obsessed with, and has grown to include his interests that extend beyond music. Like taking photos of drunk people. Still, music is at the core, and Nash claims that his selection for today’s mixtape is, “guaranteed mood enhancement” and that “9/10 agree”.

Some pretty big claims from the ad-man-slash-blogger who's also been known to DJ in a completely non-serious way.

Virgin Suicides is the duo Nash formed with Patrick Visser when asked to play at a Virgin Active fitness convention.

Says Nash, “We’re still keen to play more fitness conventions so hit us up if you’re interested.” 

Nash is another name that Nash has been known to DJ as, because, “Assembly decided to call me 'Nash' instead of my preferred name 'Stars' Hollow', which was inspired by one of the greatest TV shows of all time.” 

And then there’s Etta James Nash Mariah Carey.

“The most recent endeavour of mine that I've started with a guy called James Nash, which we debuted at YOH! a few weeks ago.”

So that’s his aliases out of the way, but what about the actual music? 

Well you can expect to hear everything from hip hop to rave to indie stuff during one of Nash’s sets. He’s also started paying a lot of attention to local hip hop artists like Okmalumkoolkat, Riky Rick and Push Push.

“They're doing great things for the industry and deserve the respect that most people usually reserve for internationals.”

So why’s this mix so chilled?

“While I personally have nothing against it, turning up on a Monday is usually frowned upon.”

Fair enough, now let's ease into the week by keeping things relevant.