Check mate

Rosie Goddard takes a look at fashion’s new favourite print

Tired of stripes? Polka dots got you down? Well, say hello to fashion’s current favourite, the checked print. While many a designer has been credited with popularising plaid (shout out to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood), there was one person who nailed the look before anyone else got it right. Who am I talking about? Oh, only the star of cult classic high school movie Clueless and matchmaker extraordinaire, Cher. Since then the look has continuously come back into fashion but this time, the 60s-inspired grid print decided to join the party.

If tartan reminds you too much of some bad fashion choices you made in the 90s (bright pink Avril Lavigne-esque mini? Been there, my friends), then the grid print is your answer to the checked look. Consider it tartan’s pared-back, older cousin. With both prints equally as stylish, it’s all about doubling up and if you’re in need of a modern-day example, look no further than queen of cool, British designer Alice Temperley. A lover of combining check on check, we can’t get enough of how she keeps the look androgynous and fresh by pairing ensembles with plain, white sneakers.