Nike Air Max Thea

Fresh on the rack: Nike Air Max Thea

Why do guys get all the cool sneakers? Not always...

And instead of the usual "shrink it and pink it" approach that most female sneakerheads need to satisfy their soul-searching with, we've just landed a kick that's for women only. 

This feminine take on the Air Max, Thea, which may or may not take it's name from South Africa's quintessential sneakerhead, Anthea Poulos, (Okay it doesn't, but the connection had to be made), is a light-weight sneaker that's as sleek, low-cut and understated as a LBD.

If you have a penchant for the brighter spectrum of colourways then you can add a pop of colour to the most simple of outfits in a Fuschia pink pair, otherwise keep things classic in black.

And because they're so versatile, you can wear these with everything. And trust us, you'll definitely want to wear this with everything. 

Problem is they're selling fast, so we suggest that if the shoe fits - buy it!