Puma Suede Classic Splatter Pack

Fresh on the rack: Puma Suede Classic Allover Splatter and Black Splatter

Remember back when you'd have to replace your sneaks after a night spent bombing? No? Well now you don't even have to be the type of person who writes their nickname all over public-property to experience paint-splattered sneaks, you can now buy that graf-boy sneaker look, box-fresh.

The Allover Splatter takes a low-cut Suede Classic, the same silhouette first released by Puma in 1968, and does a Jackson Pollack all over it in bright red and blue paint splatter effect. A clean white rubber midsole, white laces, branded tongue and signature Formstripe completes the look. 

Stargazers will most likely opt for the Black Splatter pack, which has a black, smooth suede upper splattered with tiny white splashes that are not unlike the constellations seen in a Karoo night sky. 

Update your look with a timeless design.