Cool Girls To Follow

Fashion forward females worth following

This one time we were on an art and architecture tour of Milan and were staying in a boutique hotel that had been featured in Wallpaper, just off of the Duomo di Milano. While making our way towards the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II we spotted a woman from behind whom we just had to see the front of. Her outfit was that good, but it was the way she carried herself that made us follow her across the piazza. Before we knew it we were very lost, but we still had to see her face, and when we did finally see her we realised that she was about 70 in the shade, that we'd probably never find our hotel again and joining the band of Gypsies selling flower crowns to tourists was the only viable option for us. Anyway, thank God it's not 2002 anymore and we can now follow cool girls from the comfort of our smartphones. 

1 - @natalieoffduty / 182k

We want to be in this girl's gang. She’s effortlessly cool and her style is basically the perfect combination of grunge and boho. Follow for endless inspiration in the form of amazing clothing and adventures in NYC, as well as many snaps of her modelling work.

2 - @margaret__zhang / 423k

This girl is magic. Zhang is 21 years old and hugely successful already - from blogging to photographing, styling and starring in a reality TV show along with a few fellow Australian fashion bloggers. Oh, and did we mention that she’s also a law student? Follow for a peak into her fast-paced life, edgy sartorial picks and amazing flat-lays, which have been dubbed, wait for it, the zhang-lay! We kinda love you, Margaret!

3 - @imalyssalau / 49.1k

Alyssa is just a cool girl from Toronto, who happens to be killing it in the blogging industry. The girl has taken part in some amazing brand collaborations and has just started her own ethical brand, where she sells hand-picked product online under the name New Classics. Oh and she has killer style while doing all of this, duh.

4 - @xx_niquita_xx / 7703

Follow for a look into Niquita’s stylish life – from her day job as creative assistant at Elle to her incredible style and #ootd’s. There's beautiful photography as well, which means no surprises as to why this local gal is fast becoming one of our favourites to follow. 

5 - @emmajanementeath / 9902

Emma is a Capetonian model turned blogger and her feed is a refreshing, curated look at her role in the local fashion industry. Think classic style, a lot of white, snaps of flowers and food every now and then plus a whole lot of fashion. Our favourite thing about Em? She features and supports local labels whenever she can!