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Your streetwear style isn’t complete unless you’ve got a pair of Kappa track pants for both men and women. This collection of jogger pants will instantly turn your style up a notch with their skinny fit, Kappa was founded in 1967 in Turin, Italy. The brand focuses on sports shoes, sports clothing, lifestyle shoes and lifestyle clothing. It the seventies it was decided to have a new logo designed. Coincidentally, two models were sitting back to back and that gave the designers the idea of ​​symbolizing this sportiness and freedom for men and women. The label here not only refers to sports, but also to daily challenges. The slogan is 'be a good athlete'. At the end of the 70s, Kappa decided to equip large football clubs with clothing, including the Kappa training suit cuffs, and comfortable drawstring waist. Highlight your favourite sneakers when you slip on a pair of our KAPPA track pants for men and women, all of which you can find online shopping on Superbalist.

KAPPA track pants are always - for a large part - made of polyester and that is a good reason. This fabric is durable, very light and it is also resistant to sweat. Polyester ensures that the moisture can be easily removed. Furthermore, it has a high melting point. This makes it easy to customise and print on your track pants if you choose to personalise them a bit more. It is also not necessary to iron polyester tracksuits. You just have to hang them on the drying rack. Finally, polyester is better for the environment. Organic polyester does not exist, recycled polyester does. When the substance is recycled, oil and energy are saved.

KAPPA track pants are famous of their lightweight material that prevents you from sweating in the summertime. The pants have a normal fit and minimal design detail which allows the side strip to shine with the iconic logo of the Italian label on both sides. Furthermore, with the Kappa track pants for men and women, you have access to handy side pockets, where you can store the daily essential items you carry. Shop now on Superbalist for the KAPPA track pants for both men and women.


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