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Klin is a children's footwear brand that has been in the market for over 36 years and currently retails in 50 countries. Comfort and quality are at the heart of our brand that is why we’ve become leaders in the sale of children’s footwear in Brazil. Our history dates back to 1983 where our target audience was mainly children. The production of our sandals started in a 65 m² space, with a couple of machinery and 4 employees producing 15 pairs per day. The two founders who are also brothers, Carlos Alberto and Valdir Mestriner remain business partners to date with the same vision - producing quality sandals for children all over the world. Currently, production sits at 30 000 pairs per day and 5 units in other parts of Brazil such as Birigui, Gabriel Monteiro, Penápolis/SP, and Três Lagoas/MS.

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