Dress to impress this summer with over-the-top looks made to be seen.

summer, feathers, metallic, fringe

Words by Jamal Grootboom | Images: Supplied

The festive season is officially here as events are happening at every corner. We’ve seen various trends pop in and out during the year, and it’s clear making bold choices is the name of the game going into the big days ahead.

Whether you're going to a wedding, festival, your favourite nighttime spot or summer event, you can elevate a look with pieces that give main character energy. This is the time to go for shiny metallics, sparkling fringe, tassels that move with you, fluttering feathers, and prints too loud to ignore.

summer, feathers, metallic, fringe

Metallic fabrics are having a major fashion moment this year. Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour was a huge driving force, that drove silver, gold and sequins to gain a newfound popularity. While a full metallic look can be daunting, adding sparkle with tops, trousers, skirts, or accessories in gold and silver brings that extra bling factor. If you are planning on stealing the show, opt for dresses or matching sets in jewel tones with a metallic finish.

summer, feathers, metallic, fringe

Adding a wow factor to your outfit can be as easy as choosing pieces that have unique trims that add movement and extra interest. A bit of fringe or tassels turns a skirt or dress into a fashion moment by adding a textural element. Nothing says drama like the addition of feathers, and they bring a chic flair - whether it's in bold colours or muted neutrals.

summer, feathers, metallic, fringe

You can’t go wrong with striking prints this summer. Daytime events are the perfect places to go big or go home. Think florals with a myriad of flowers, stripes too bold to ignore, abstract shapes that call for attention, and animal motifs that roar when you walk into a room. This is not the time to be a wallflower. Experiment with a range of prints and find the one that suits you to make this summer so stylish you’ll want to take pictures everywhere.

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