Manila Von Teez styles the latest Crocs her way.

crocs, styled by, manila von teez

Words by: Jamal Grootboom | Images/Video: Khotso Makhothi

Known as one of the biggest drag performers in South Africa, Manila Von Teez’s style has always been one of the aspects that sets her in a league of her own. During her run in 2016 on 'SA’s Got Talent’ season 7, she ended up as the runner-up which catapulted her into superstardom.

Since then, Manila has been a mainstay performer in the country and her on-stage style plays a major part in this. Manila being a seamstress helps, as she is the creative force behind most of her costumes.

Taking on the challenge of our Styled By series, Manila styled the Crush Rain Boot and Classic Crush Clog Crocs, wearing two distinct looks to showcase the versatility of Crocs in and out of drag.

We sat down with her to dive more into her personal style, what she thinks is the best way to style your body type and her thoughts on why Crocs are so popular.

Manila is known for her out-of-this-world costuming on stage but out of drag, as Veon Wentzel, she still wants to look her best.

Speaking about the difference between her style in and out of drag she says, “Veon is a little bit more chilled and laid back, as well as comfortable, whereas Manila is more eccentric, over the top, glamorous and fun.”

crocs, styled by, manila von teez

Being an impeccable seamstress, Manila says that dressing for your body type is important and that you need to “know your silhouette and know what works for you".

“If you have a feature that you love, then accentuate it. Learn how to sew as well since it’s a great skill to have.”

In recent years, Crocs has gained a new level of popularity. The introduction of new styles, plus the funky jibbitz to personalise your Crocs have taken them to a popular choice for everyday wear no matter where you're going.

Sharing why Crocs have become a must-have piece in anyone’s wardrobe, Manila says, “Crocs are stylish, can be personalised, dressed up or dressed down, and most importantly they are comfortable.” Adding that her favourite style is the Classic Neo Puff Boots since she "practically" lives in them.

crocs, styled by, manila von teez

Emmy award-winning TV host RuPaul famously says that “we’re all born naked, and the rest is drag” meaning you are in charge of how you want to present yourself to the world which forms part of having a distinct point of view when it comes to your personal style. Sharing the importance of this Manila says, “personal style is an extension of you. It’s your personality and in a way, the personal relationship you have with yourself.”

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