10 gifting options for the ones who raised us

mother's day

Words: Jamal Grootboom | Images: Getty + Supplied

When it comes to celebrating the women who raised us, Mother’s Day is always a time to not only thank them but to salute them too.

It goes without saying that motherhood is something that is both rewarding and challenging at times. Many times, we take for granted just how much mothers do and the fact that they are multifaceted people that exist outside of just being caregivers. Some days, a mom may want to feel like a 'baddie', and on other days, they just want to sit back and indulge.

We've got something for every kind of mom and every kind of mood. So if you’re still stuck on what exactly to get the moms in your life, don’t stress - we’ve got 10 options that are a surefire way to make them feel special on Mother's day and beyond:

mother's day

For a new mom, their first Mother's Day can be exciting and affirming. However, this doesn’t mean that being a mother is their sole personhood. And while the joys of motherhood can be fulfilling, affirming their other facets can bring a smile to their day.

Whether that be their love of wine, trendy shoes, eyecatching accessories, or being a makeup fanatic. And on the day mothers get recognised for all they do, they are mothers alongside all the wonderful sides of themselves.

However, some want to have something that does recognise their new journey into motherhood in either a sentimental or practical way. Consider skincare to brighten up a face that hasn't had a full night's sleep in weeks, standout, comfy shoes for "mom's day off", or drinkware to enjoy her first drink in months.

mother's day

Greenery and the love of plants of all kinds are where plant moms thrive. From indoor "plant babies" to outdoor “plant teenagers”, plant parents take pride in raising their babies and keeping them healthy and happy.

While the uptick in plant moms gained much of its popularity on TikTok, plant moms have been able to build their niche into a whole lifestyle. But most of us grew up with plants all around us in our mother's houses. We watched them raise their plant babies, placing them in a way that is not only conducive to growth but also aesthetically pleasing.

And since they are always on the lookout for new babies to add to their brood, adding plant pots to their growing family is high on the priority list.

mother's day

Having a mom as your bestie is something that makes getting her a gift on Mother's Day a bit easier since you already have a grasp on who she is outside of just being the person that raised you.

BFF moms are on the more adventurous side when it comes to their interests since - to some extent - they keep up with modern-day trends such as being a Tiktok expert or rocking a sleek Instagram feed.

Think those Versace platform heels everyone has been yearning for or trendy + flirt tops. While they might want to keep on the less risque side, there is a lot of wiggle room because mom still wants to be "with it". For your mom who doubles as a bestie, getting her something that both of you can enjoy could be the perfect gift (hin: you get to share it with her).

mother's day

Having a grandparent in your life is something very special and should be treated as such. Grandmas are often matriarchs not only for their immediate family but a broader community. Spoiling your gran on Mother’s Day is that extra special thing that brightens her day.

Now, what do get to someone that has lived a full life?

One option is going the sentimental route and checking for something that reminds them of you or a special moment that you shared together. Alternatively, if your gran enjoys the finer things in life, a jewellery piece that speaks to her personal style or a statement 'Sunday Best' handbag will be right up her alley.