Defining your style and creating a capsule wardrobe for all seasons is easier than you think.


Words: Hayden Horner | Images: Vogue Runway

Winter has a way of sending us into a frenzied buying of everything extra-chunky. As a result, we’re often left with a wardrobe bursting at the hinges with really awesome puffers, scarves, parkas and cardigans.

However, the top coating is also your chance for a big reveal. And that’s where the all-year round capsule wardrobe comes in.

To complement your already great winter collection you should also have a range of pieces that are considered evergreen. These are the items that create a great foundation to your winter wardrobe and can also be used throughout the year.

But what makes an evergreen collection; one that transcend the seasons and yet still defines your style, whatever the occasion?

We sat down with two Superbalist fashion buyers to talk us through curating the ultimate closet to fit a variety of personal styles and still carry you well through all the seasons.

M-Block 1

Sharing his thoughts on what items can help add to the longevity of a year-round wardrobe, David says: “Invest in pieces that will outlast trends, as long as it is well made and thoughtfully designed.”

He advises sticking to the same types of items and building on that collection over time.

“Of course clothing is there to make you feel good and express something about yourself that’s undeniable. I also can’t deny what a lift one feels when buying something new and the freshness it brings.”

Focusing on the top half of the body here are our selection of choice items that will definitely boost a year-round wardrobe:

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“A blue and white striped, crisp white or pastel cotton poplin shirt is forever, while a boxy, dry handle white cotton T-shirt must be worn under everything! You can never have too many of those. Lightweight jackets like a zip through Harrington, unlined lightweight blazers or trucker jackets are also staples,” says David.

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Accessories matter just as much as clothing; providing you an entirely new opportunity to express yourself. The right watch, wallet and bag speak to personal style and elevate your look.

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Aside from being especially useful when you’re between haircuts or don’t want to style your hair, the right hat or cap can complement any classy, dressy, casual or random outfit.

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Be they retro to modern hot, while sunglasses certainly help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, they are also an excellent way to add personal style to your outfit.

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When it comes to the bottom-half of your collection, it’s really about choosing pants,shoes and accessories that can be mixed and matched to create both casual, semi-formal and formal outfits.

“A great-fitting pair of jeans, natural chino and black pants are staples in boosting a year-round wardrobe. They are versatile and can be elevated or simplified for whatever look you're going for,” says Chad.

He says sneakers, boots and accessories are as important when building up your year-round wardrobe, and urges selecting pieces that are versatile in dressing up or down on a moment’s notice.

Here are our selection of choice bottom-half items that will definitely be tops in your year-round wardrobe:

M block 6
M block 6

No wardrobe is complete without sneakers as they just make sense, whatever the occasion. “A sneaker is a must-have. It gives you the versatility that a year-round wardrobe demands,” says Chad.

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Boots are adaptable, according to Chad, since they give you the confidence to elevate a casual outfit for a summer night out or a wet winter day.

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Black, brown and tan leather belts with simple brushed buckles are a must and complete any outfit effortlessly. Socks depend on the look or the occasion.

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