Owner + founder of local brand Best share’s her skincare routine, how she gets her glow + the small, everyday pleasures she appreciates

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Words: Leila Petersen | Images: Supplied

Founder of easy-to-wear, everyday jewellery brand, Best, Rebecca Scher is not only making an impact when it comes to our accessories but how we treat our skin as well. A self-confessed skin fiend, her struggle with acne in early adulthood is what initially sparked her obsession with skincare and led her to do a lot of trying, testing and googling about products and ingredients, in the hopes of achieving a blemish free complexion. “That or the fact that my mom used to slather SPF on me since I could remember-Thanks mom!” she says.

So how exactly does she achieve and maintain her current flawless and glowing complexion? “I’ve always been reluctant to share what products work for me because quite honestly, no one can give you sounder advice than a dermatologist, but while my skin is the most stable it has ever been, it feels right to share some tips I’ve learned through this journey to clear skin”, she says. Here she shares her products, tips and so much more.

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Your skin is absolutely amazing, could you take us through your daily skincare routine?

Agh - thank you! I have had the misfortune of dealing with polycystic ovary-related hormonal acne for the past 5 years. It has been 5 bumpy years, bouncing in and out of good skin and bad skin all the while trying to find what works, amongst the sea of confusing and misleading products and information. I have found a routine that works for my acne-prone skin. I must preface it by saying it does contain a lot of actives which I've managed to build up my skin to tolerate over time - not all skin may be able to tolerate the same.


  1. Cleanse with phFormula EXFO Cleanse. (very NB. Before the next step I air dry my face so that my serum is absorbed better and I avoid exposing my skin to the bacteria often carried on towels).
  2. Vitamin C. At the moment I’m using a sample of the Skinceuticals Sylimarin CF and I hate to say it (because it’s expensive) but it is amazing and I may have to invest someday soon.
  3. Calming Hydrating Serum. My current fav is the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Serum as it calms my skin from the actives the night before, reduces inflammation and helps control excess sebum production.
  4. Moisturise with phFormula POST Recovery Cream.
  5. The most important step of all, come rain or shine, inside or outside - SPF50. I use Heliocare SPF50 Oil-Free Gel. I love it dearly and it is the best glow giver of all. If you have very oily skin, I have been told it’s not the best and you may be better off trying La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF50+ (also great!)


  1. Cleanse with phFormula EXFO Cleanse
  2. Remove any excess make-up with Bioderma Sensibio H20 Cleanser on a cotton wool pad.
  3. Treatment. Alternate between a pea-sized amount of Differin (it’s a prescription retinoid from a dermatologist) and Obagi CLENZIderm Pore Therapy (it’s a chemical exfoliant, containing BHA).
  4. Serum. The phFormula AC Active Recovery serum is full of various active ingredients that target acne concerns.
  5. If I have an active pimple, I apply one of the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch, they’re miracle workers.
  6. Lock that all in with moisturiser - phFormula POST Recovery Cream.

Does your routine change according to the season?

Surprised to say it (considering how extra the answer to the last question was) it stays the same. I always keep a check on my skin barrier to see what it needs. If my skin feels tighter/drier than usual, I skip my retinol/exfoliant step. I’ve learned that consistency is key with skincare so I try not to stray from my usual routine.

When it comes to choosing skincare, which key factors do you consider?

I have quite a scientific approach to skincare. I always look for skincare brands that back their products by science. They tend to know what they’re talking about and a lot of their products have been through a lot of testing. La Roche Posay, Skinceuticals, phFormula, Avène are brands I will always feel comfortable using. With acne, the best thing I learned was to only use products that are non-comedogenic, meaning they’re products that are designed to not clog pores.

Is clean beauty important to you?

My opinion on clean beauty is quite controversial (don’t @me). Aside from the great marketing tactic that brands use (for an ever-growing beauty category), what scares me about clean beauty is that it is often not regulated. So brands use their own definition of what “clean” means. Often fear is used to sell, “fear this toxin/fear that toxin” without real significant research and backing. All I am here for is products that are scientifically proven to work.

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Which local beauty brands do you love (or any particular local beauty product) and why?

I recently started using the Swiitch Beauty Bubble Blush in Sunset Blur and I LOVE IT. I put it on my eyes, lips, and cheeks - it’s a great all-rounder. I also love the Skin Creamery ‘The Everyday Cream’ as a body moisturiser, the smell and texture is beautiful.

Which beauty/skincare essentials do you always carry with you or have in your bag?

Water, lip balm, lipstick, SPF & a Best silk scrunchie.

Which items are currently on your beauty wishlist and why?

I really would love a Foreo. It’s a pulsating cleansing device that helps clean deep into your pores and break down dirt & make-up.

Is self-care important to you? And can you give us some examples of what self-care means to you?

Absolutely. I love to think of self-care as dedicated time to focus and prioritise things that make me feel good. I always try to fit in something ‘self-carey’ at the start and the end of my day. In the morning it’s making myself a coffee and enjoying it while the sun rises, followed by a workout. In the evening’s it’s running myself a bath, lighting some candles, and watching YouTube (I love vlogs!).

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How has the pandemic changed your point of view when it comes to beauty? And life in general?

It has really made me appreciate doing make-up/getting ready just for me. I mean no one else is going to be seeing you right? Lockdown made me see how just putting on the basics like blush and mascara can set your day up for success. At the same time, this has also changed how I do my everyday makeup for the better. I no longer use foundation and instead, I just conceal the spots that need concealing with something creamy and blendable. and follow it off with blush, mascara, and brow gel! I guess you could say this relates to how the pandemic has affected life in general too, it’s made us appreciate the simplest of things.

I love your Instagram feed aesthetic and appreciation for the simple things. Could you share some small pleasures you've come to appreciate?

Agh I love so many nice things. It can be a real blessing and a curse. I love fashion and clothes and always feel great dressing for myself. I love curating my spaces to make me feel inspired and good. I have a coffee table in the center of my apartment and decorate it weekly with fresh flowers (I love flowers!!!), or even something simple like switching around the vase that sits on it. It’s such a small thing that makes a difference to space and how I feel in it. I put all my favourite candles on it and take turns each evening lighting different ones. I also love cooking and always try my best to not make cooking a chore and instead something that I love doing every evening. I find the best way to do this is to plan meals for the week. On a Sunday I choose 3/4 meals I’ve always wanted to cook, get the groceries for them, and then my week is sorted for exciting meals.

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