The latest wave of beauty formulation + how to get on board


Words: Refiloe Legoale | Images: Supplied

If you’re into improving the health of your skin and the environment, clean beauty should be your go-to. The products are made up of ingredients that are non-harmful to your skin as well as the environment. By shopping clean beauty, you're not only supporting many local brands but also contributing to the ethos of sustainability.

When deciding on your next clean beauty purchase ensure that they contain the following ingredients. We break them down so you can better understand what they mean and how they benefit your skin.

M block 1

What is it: Liquids extracted from plants like jojoba, avocado and tea-tree

Often found in: Serums, Body-butters, face moisturisers, cleansers

Benefits: Prevents dull-looking skin, hydrates, antibacterial, soothes, anti-aging

Brands to add to your cart: Hey Gorgeous, Naturals Beauty + Lulu & Marula

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What is it: Extracts from plants such as Aloe, Marula and CBD that improve the health and texture of the skin.

Often found in: Eye-creams, cleansers, exfoliators, night creams

Benefits: They hold antioxidant properties and vitamins to repair and regenerate damaged skin.

Brands to add to your cart: Goodleaf, Afrakari + Skin Creamery

M block 3

What is it: A nutritious ingredient found in skin products to repair skin damage such as dark marks and UV damage.

Often found in: Serums, facial oils, face mists, toners

Benefits: Maintains healthy-looking skin, hydrating, brightens, promotes collagen production and protects against sun damage.

Brands to add to your cart: SKOON., The Skin Co + Skin Republic

If you’re just dipping your fingers into clean beauty, it is important to familiarise yourself with the benefits of all the natural ingredients. The next time you replenishing your beauty staples, be sure to take a peep at this list to help you choose wisely. Remember, your skin matters.

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