Creatives on how their mother’s impact their lives


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In celebration of Mother’s Day and these important figures in all of our lives, we asked these creatives to tell us about the bond they share with their mothers, their Mother’s Day plans and what an open letter to their mom’s would say.


Please could you give us a little bio about yourself and your blog?

I started my blog, For The Beauty Of It, back in 2011 when I was working as the beauty editor of O, The Oprah Magazine. There were so many beauty products and treatments I was lucky enough to try and test that often didn’t make it to the pages of the magazine, so my blog was my way of documenting these finds.

After I became a mom for the first time in 2013, I slowly started to feature more mom- and baby-related content on my blog. It was around this time that I started posting to my Instagram account, which has since grown to well over 10k followers.

These days, I mainly post about my life as mom to Bean (8 years old - not his real name), and my newborn twins. We live in Cape Town with my partner and my 8-year-old step daughter, and I wouldn’t change life with our beautiful blended family if you paid me!

What was the most surprising thing about becoming a mom the first time?

How little support new moms actually get! They say that it takes a village to raise a child, but in my experience as a mom, I’ve found that that village is largely absent. I’ve had to learn that it’s ok to ask for - and to accept - help, and that doing so doesn’t mean I’m a failure as a mom.

When were your twins born and how have you adapted to being a mom from 1 to a mom of 3?

I gave birth to our twin boys at the end of February 2021, and although it’s been quite an adjustment at times, I’ve also been amazed at just how many easy moments there’ve been! Jack and William are surprisingly easy babies, and we’ve had so much help and support from so many friends and family. We even had my partner’s father and step mom come stay with us for a week to help us settle into life as parents of twins - they took care of the cooking, cleaning, and even did a few night-time feeds so that we could get some sleep. As I said above, it takes a village to raise a child, and I don’t think I would’ve managed the transition from mom of one to mom of four (including my partner’s daughter), if it weren’t for them!

Do you have a newfound appreciation for your mother?

Absolutely! I found that I could relate to my mom so much more after the birth of my first son eight years ago, but I’ve found that I understand and appreciate her so much more after the birth of my twins - especially since she herself had twins!

What advice from your mom has really resonated with you or helped you cope with being a mom yourself?

She constantly reminds me to take care of me - to eat properly, and to take little moments that become available during the day to rest! She also has so many practical tips that have helped - like opting for a meal replacement shake when your hands are too full to eat a proper meal, as well as tips for tandem feeding my twins.

Because your mum has had twin boys herself, has she been able to help or prepare you more emotionally and physically?

My mom was a constant support throughout my twin pregnancy - it was so helpful to have someone who’s experienced a twin pregnancy to go to when I experienced specific pregnancy symptoms or aches and pains. She’s also been a wonderful support emotionally since having the twins - especially on days when I feel overwhelmed or as though I can’t cope. It’s good to talk to someone who’s been there, done that, and survived to tell the tale!

How will you be honouring your mom this Mother's Day?

I love spoiling my mom with indulgent beauty products or a new fragrance, and it’s likely that we’ll have lunch together as a family to celebrate my mom.

Fill in the blank: This mother's day I want

a pampering morning spent at the hair salon. My hair is in desperate need of a fresh cut and colour!

If you were to write a short letter to your moms this Mother's Day, what would it say?

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Please could you give us a little bio about yourself?

Shiraz Reddy is a jack of all trades haha! A qualified publicist and event director. Whilst priding myself on being able to style international TV shows, A-list celebrities and more, what I enjoy the most is creating immersive experiences and telling exciting brand stories. Born in Cape Town and growing up in Pretoria was truly a blessing that saw the best of two worlds crafting the lifestyle I now get to bask in. As a stylist & multi award-winning best dressed man, I pride myself on owning that “I got it from my mama”.

What role does your mom play in your life?

My mom is my go-to for so much and more. She’s my safe place and often my biggest critic. However the number one role she plays is being a SUPERWOMAN! There’s nothing my mom can’t do!

Be honest- do you think you're your mom's favourite?

Absolutely not lol. I’m her potential third best, after all I am the third born of 4. But I’m her favourite to gossip with, as well as her number one shopping partner- we know how to find a look for less!

Is there anything, in particular, you and your mom bond over or share that bring you closer?

Shopping and good food haha!! We find such joy and really connect when doing these 2 things (often together) and as i mentioned before shopping is also one of our favourite things to do together. We both have a love for fashion and good clothing and the confidence it gives you.

How are you planning to spoil your mom this Mother's Day?

With a bespoke chocolate gift and a lovely lunch that will include my sisters who are moms as well.

If you were to write a short letter to your moms this Mother's Day, what would it say?

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Please could you give us a little bio about yourself?

A multi-disciplinary artist, I use photography, performance and installation to address the intricacies and complexities of my identity in contemporary South Africa while raising 3 very busy boys!

You’ve had 2 mother figures growing up- what role did each play in your life?

I was very lucky to grow up with two mothers. Even though they were polar opposites I learnt to be uncompromising in who I am and what I believe in from both of them. They were creative in different ways too. My Mum was incredibly stylish and uninhibited in the way she carried herself and also in her attitude to life. My aunt, who is my other mother, filled me with the arts, literature , theatre and fun. The merging of these influences in my life led me to be able to create unapologetically and work passionately.

How have they both contributed to the way you raise your kids?

I’m not sure if they have contributed to the way I raise my kids. I think we live in such different times that the kids today need different things to what I did. However, they are an important part of my children’s lives, and my mother is never more than 2 meters away! I may collapse if she went even a bit further!

How will you be celebrating them this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is never a planned thing in our household, we just see where the day takes us and I take both my moms with me wherever we go.

Fill in the blank: This mother's day I want

This Mother’s Day I would like to be spoiled with all my favourite things.

If you were to write a short letter to your moms this Mother's Day, what would it say?

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