See your bedroom differently with these refreshing decor tips from a multimedia artist

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Words: Hayden Horner | Images: Supplied

With most of us now confined to our homes under Covid-19 protocol, it’s becoming quite clear that there’s only so many times you can seek comfort in your lounge, kitchen or home office. However, there is another part of your home that, with just the right amount of reinvention, can offer so much more than previously thought. We’re talking about your bedroom.

Whether you are a couple, single or just starting out - your bedroom can become your great escape. And with just a few minor décor changes you can turn your room into a dreamy yet functional space. But how would you achieve?

We spoke to photographer, filmmaker, art director and co-founder of I See A Different You, Fhatuwani Mukheli, about how he brings his personal style to his sanctuary and how he refreshed his secondary, guest bedroom to be the host with the most.

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I would start with changing my blinds and drapes. This helps to instantly make my bedroom feel and look different. Choose window coverings that bring the design elements of your room together.

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Side tables are a must for any bedroom. They are great to add colour or texture with ornaments or a plant and are convenient for working off if you don’t want to leave your bed.

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A range of different-shaped throw pillows add a pop of colour to the bedroom. They are also for the benefit of increased comfort and support.

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They are great for creating a focal point but also draw light into the bedroom and help make it look bigger and brighter.


I’ve definitely stayed at home a lot during the pandemic because it is quite scary. Spending all this time in my house has allowed me to get in touch with myself and understand my creative process and the things I love, which is art.

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If you look at my Instagram profile, you’ll see I really enjoy my home. I spend quite some time in my bedroom and I’m an early riser who’s usually awake at 4am and stays in bed until 9am.

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I enjoy a blend of high-end as well as affordable functional pieces, and that really comes through in my bedroom décor. When done smartly, class and affordability can come together really nicely.

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I recommend art in all bedrooms because it gives a room character and soul. It also depends on the type of art you choose. For instance, art with eyes can be distracting. I suggest choosing abstract pieces.

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I love linen and am quite into Egyptian cotton sheets because they are soft and smooth. All my linen if white because, for me, it works with any season.

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