Fresh scents we're spritzing this spring

Words: Leila Petersen | Images: Supplied

The season of wearing less is upon us. As we start to switch our heavy coat for a lighter denim jacket, we should do the same when it comes to our beauty stash and fragrance choices. And while we may have veered towards heavier and headier perfumes in the winter, the beginning of a new season calls for a scent that sets a brighter mood. Think radiating light florals, energising and refreshing citrus or sparkling fruity notes that conjure up the feeling that warm balmy days are coming soon. Here are eight delightful scents that will give your current fragrance collection a spring awakening.

Image of Marc Jacobs Daisy

KEY NOTES: Grapefruit, red raspberry, wild rose, warm plum.

THE VIBE: If a feel-good fragrance is what you're after, look no further than this fresh flanker in the Daisy stable. Young, playful,and totally refreshing, this fruit and musk cocktail is the perfect scent to step into spring.

Image of Micheal Kors fragrance

KEY NOTES: Italian Bergamot, pink grapefruit, white peony, sheer musk.

THE VIBE: Described as a lighter and fresher variant of the original, this voluptuous warm floral composition oozes glamour and will transport you to your next summer soiree with just one whiff.

Image of DKNY fragrance

KEY NOTES: Pink guava mousse, vanilla, iris, black cardamom.

THE VIBE: While the millennial pink bottle alone will look oh-so pretty on our shelves, it’s the sensual aroma bursting with contrasting notes of pink guava mousse, black iris and vanilla that gets our hearts racing.

Image of Elie Saab Fragrance

KEY NOTES: Lemon, raspberry, almond, patchouli.

THE VIBE: Zesty lemon and sweet raspberry come together in the second instalment of this Elie Saab fragrance. The fun and flirty combination of delicious and fruity notes can easily take you from day to play.

Image of Elizabeth Arden fragrance

KEY NOTES: White tea, pear tree blossom, Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, amber.

THE VIBE: Equally as delightful and light as the other scents in this range, Wild Rose is an elegant everyday fragrance. Inspired by the first rose of spring, it will have you sneaking in deep whiffs of your clothing for hours on end.

Image of Estee Lauder Pleasures

KEY NOTES: Lilies, white peonies, jasmine, baie rose.

THE VIBE: Awaken your senses with this iconic fragrance. It's as relevant today as it was when Evelyn Lauder herself designed this beloved perfume to capture the freshness of flowers after spring rain. With top notes of white lily, violet leaves, and green leaves, it is and always will be the legendary scent to spritz come springtime.

Image of D&G fragrance

KEY NOTES: Neroli, rose, water lily, musk, white daffodil.

THE VIBE: A dreamy mix of white flowers help bring lightness to the slightly powdery scent of rose and warm musk, creating a more modern interpretation of a traditional rose fragrance.

Image of Burberry Body

KEY NOTES: Green apple, rose, peach, musk, tea.

THE VIBE: A refreshing and sweet twist on the original, this EDT combines delicious notes of green apple and peach with rose and sandalwood. It's the ideal blend for those who don't want to have to choose between floral or fruity scents.

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