Five ways to indulge a pre-summer mood

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Images: Luke Kuisis

There’s been an undeniably huge shift in how we live and there’s no turning back – in good ways and bad. While we’re moving around our day to day more cautiously and thoughtfully, we’ve stumbled upon ways to survive with simple pleasures. At a time when everything is “unprecedented” and seemingly insurmountable, we’re turning inwards and finding comfort in those everyday moments and things that make us feel more like ourselves… a little more restored, even. And for some reason, we’re feeling slightly optimistic. While the world around us is filled with cynicism and anxiety, tap into the things that inspire you to feel good – planning that next staycation while lazing in a spot of afternoon sun through the window, the smell of your favourite fragrance that reminds you of carefree living, strapping on the watch that made you take a deep breath to invest in, purely because these things satisfy you. Here, we explore the five simple ways to indulge this exact kind of pre-summer mood with a guide to the little luxuries in life.

M1 luxuries

A breath of fresh air. The top notes of spicy grapefruit and cardamom hint at a joyful spring, rounded out by the woody earthiness that sandalwood, cedar and Haitian vetiver essence bring. For a subtle, pared-back warmth that’s equally refreshing, slip on this easy-wearing fragrance straight after a long bath or shower, when your pores are open to absorbing some goodness. Then lather on a good, nourishing moisturiser – there’s no such thing as too much.

M2 luxuries

As warm weather approaches, let your fabric choice and fit lighten up along with your mood. Opt for a boxy overshirt in breathable linen for breezy holiday-style dressing – whether you’re staying in or not. Cuts have widened to loose-fitting frames, making them perfect for layering over a perennially cool round-neck tee in a shade that works as a base. The mood? Ready to set sail or lounge around in bougainvillea-filled courtyards, easy just.

M3 luxuries

You’ve likely heard all about the understated cool of the white sneaker. If you’re kicking it up a notch here, which we are, we’re talking premium. It’s less about whether or not it’s from a luxury brand and more about a luxurious feel and finish. The time and attention spent on crafting. They’re usually as expensive as they look – ultra sleek panels, high-end materials, understated quilting, clean embossing...

M4 luxuries

We’re still here, with denim truckers. Airy enough for entry-level pre-summer days, while warm enough for when there’s still a slight bite in the air. Look to light wash denim truckers to add nonchalance to a look that oozes “casually thrown on, but considered”. Classic collar, cuffs on the wrist, fit not too snug.

M5 luxuries

For the retro-inclined – a slender, sophisticated Casio watch, while you’re biding your time and anticipating the season of whimsy and wonder.

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