Little people, big looks


Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Images: Getty

You don’t need a science journal to prove that when your mother is Kate Moss, there’s a very particular aptitude for style that runs in your blood. The most famous celebrity kids are growing up quickly: North West turns 6 in June, Willow Smith turns 20 in October. They’re well aware of the global interest in their inherited style and from what we see, their parents and teams of stylists aren’t reinventing the wheel. Rather, they’re favouring modern takes on tried-and-tested classics. If you’re wondering how to refresh denim or reinterpret a simple blazer, these style heiresses may have the answers.


Attending a basketball game with daddy Jay-Z in Los Angeles, Blue relies on an underrated classic: the denim jacket. That the jacket is slouchy and oversized makes it feel modern – there’s a thrift-chic vibe happening (even if she bought it new?) that feels very casual cool. And no, Fendi boots are not essential for pulling this look together. That’s the real magic of this jacket. It packs enough power to carry a look and goes with just about anything you can imagine. It’s maximum style payoff for minimal effort.


At the premiere of Aladdin starring Will Smith, his daughter Willow wears a black blazer dress. Granted, there is a slit sleeve, train and open back involved, but it’s the simplicity of the core idea that counts. There’s not a frill or overcompensating cape in sight. The look seems to say, "You can do more with less." Rather than overcomplicating an evening look, take it back to basics and use a wardrobe staple as a starting point, elevate it with beautiful shoes, a hint of sparkle and a strong lip. The only real essential here, cliché as it sounds, is confidence.


At age 4, DJ Zinhle and AKA's Kairo Forbes is just shy of a million Instagram followers. All the better to broadcast her effervescent style – a cute guide for mothers looking for styling tips. One of her latest looks has an appeal that goes well beyond the under-6 set. Khaki shorts with matching socks, white sneakers and a printed tee are topped off with a silvery brown faux-fur jacket. The resulting vibe is a post-tonal utilitarian statement moment, perfectly positioned for an at-home South African autumn. The takeaway isn’t that you need to copy this look, but rather the value in pairing something fun and a little over the top with a more functional look, even if just for an #OOTD post.


On a carousel next to the Eiffel Tower with mom Kim Kardashian, North West demonstrates the first rule of tonal dressing: just add texture. Moving past the fabulous fluff, the foundation of North’s look has a modern androgyny worth noting. Her button-up shirt, baggy pants and chunky sneakers would be just as comfortable on a boy. Here's to future generations disregarding traditional gender guidelines in fashion.


What to wear when you’re front row at your mom’s fashion show? Romeo, Cruz and Harper each opted for a bold print. Daddy David Beckham might be the British Fashion Council’s Ambassadorial President, but his grey-and-black suit paled in comparison. Seen together, the young Beckhams make a striking case for the power of print to add individuality and vibrancy to your wardrobe. If you’re dressing from a capsule wardrobe or rely on a uniform of versatile basics, there’s nothing like a great print to shake things up and provide a point of interest. Are the Beckhams reinventing print for a future world? Not really. Rather, they’re showing how playful patterns have an evergreen freshness that requires minimal additional styling.


Kate Moss’s daughter, Lila, attended the Longchamp show at New York Fashion Week layered in two all-time-hit staples. The cable knit becomes even cosier when layered under a little black dress. A look like this is enough to make you go through your wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes, reassessing how to pair your favourite pieces in fun, unexpected ways. Lila, in tune with her celeb offspring contemporaries, favours a sense of ease and simplicity. She also uses her accessories to add a personal twist to the look: those lace-up boots could be a nod to the grunge era that catapulted her mother to icon status – or simply an inherited impulse.

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