10 Things x Nabeeha Mohamed

The artist on why fashion is pivotal + how she likes her eggs


Interview: Akim Jardine | Design + Illustration: Keshia Chapman | Images: Supplied

Colouring inside the lines eludes this Cape Town-based artist – a realisation one quickly comes to after chatting with her. Nabeeha Mohamed’s work in painting and sculpture reminds us of the wonder of a childhood art class and the total freedom to express what’s on your mind, but her focus is pondering how to express society’s imbalances and her own identity. Far from paint by numbers, Nabeeha shares six… make that nine books that shape her imagination and nine or so other captivating things about her.

10 songs

My interest in fashion and how it relates to my practice is twofold. Firstly, from a purely aesthetic position, I love using pattern, print and texture in painting. Secondly, a lot of my work seeks to address and interrogate issues around class privilege and capitalism, which can be symbolically represented by fashion-associated objects such as designer shoes, sunglasses and expensive linen.

  1. Changing up my medium. Your brain just needs a jumpstart. If you’re a painter, try writing. If you’re a writer, try floristry.
  2. A cold sea swim.
  3. Scrolling mindlessly through Tumblr.
  4. Go for a run or any exercise of your choice.
  1. Give my dogs a good morning hug.
  2. Make a cup of tea.
  3. Go outside and read a few pages of whatever book I have on the go.
1 tip

Make! Make! Make! While I don’t believe we should exist as production machines, I do believe that to make the really good stuff, you’ve got to make a helluva lot of the bad stuff first.

Nabeeha’s solo exhibition Sunshine on my Skin is My Favourite Colour is currently on at the SMITH Gallery. For enquiries contact info@smithstudio.co.za