Catching up with the fitness enthusiast


Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Images: Instagram

There's no denying that your social media feeds are probably filled with many people in their gym gear filming their home workouts. Maybe you’ve done one, too. If you’re lucky enough to be able to stay home, there's not much else to do other than watch series, eat, bake banana bread, work from home, homeschool the kids and workout. Given that most of us haven't stepped outside in a while, cabin fever is real. To help inspire us, we’ve reached out to the cast from our sport campaign This Body Moves to see how (...or if) they’re staying active at home. First up is Ashley Robinson, the stunt performer, performance coach and all-round fitness aficionado.


With one word, tell me how you’re feeling?


What’s one thing you’re missing since staying at home?

Being in Nature.

The first thing I’m going to do post-lockdown…

Visit my parents.

How are you taking care of your hair?

After every second day, I wash my hair and moisturise it with pure coconut oil.

And your skin?

I drink seven to nine litres of water per day just to keep my skin healthy and strong.


When I wake up, I…

Brush my teeth, down some water, pray, stretch, respond to emails and then warm up for my first session of the day.

What are you wearing right now?

An all-black outfit, ASICS runners, Reebok socks, Nike shorts and a vest while stretching on my balcony and absorbing some vitamin D.

Style or comfort?


Anything you’re listening to at the moment? Be it a podcast or music?

I’m currently listening to Black Coffee beats.


Any eating habits you can recommend to stay healthy?

The best nutrition for post and pre-lockdown is a high intake of vegetables and fruits. Bread and meat in well-cut portions. My personal intake is 80% fruit and veg, 20% animal products and grains.

Are you staying active? If yes, how?

I am staying active with basic at-home workouts and yoga, which is a first for me. I recently discovered that it’s essential for all athletes.

Any workout tips you can share that people can do at home?

  1. Do not binge watch Netflix every day.
  2. Get into a routine: two sessions a day, cleaning, meditation, cooking and stretching.
  3. Workout first thing in the morning, basic 30-minute bodyweight training.
  4. Train before dinner, just to maintain good weight and health.
  5. Drink plenty of water.

Greatest advice you’ve ever heard on staying active?

Allow your body to move as much as it wants. Never force yourself to sit still. Your body wants to move, because it has potential that needs to get released.

Your body is obviously very important to you as a trainer and Muay Thai boxer, but what’s still your least favourite thing about it?

My flat feet, haha!

How has your relationship with your body changed since last time we caught up with you?

I have built a lot more strength and flexibility.

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