Lockdown looks kickoff

What the professional footballers are wearing during their lockdown

Words: Cameron Longbottom | Images: Instagram

Having collectively watched around 6 500 minutes of football over the last year and physically played around the same, I can quite easily say my biggest withdrawal symptoms during the nationwide lockdown are rooted in sport. So how do I now spend all of this newfound free time? Online stalking the people I used to watch on TV, of course.

Being a professional athlete comes with a few obligations that us ordinary folk don’t have as much pressure to comply with, including the need to keep fitness levels up while being confined indoors. But during extended periods at home, comfort is obviously key. So, what is their attire of choice? Classic sweatpant combinations for both relaxation and at-home gym workouts? Spandex and polyester, perhaps? Or an adapted work-from-home wardrobe just like the rest of us mere mortals? And, more importantly, are any of them breaking the internet with unexpected wardrobe winners?


A man who made the bold choice of trading cities to follow his football dreams, Raheem Sterling certainly has made quite the impression since joining Manchester City from Liverpool, where he has now won two Premier League titles on the trot.

Raheem clearly is a big believer in looking your best, even at home. Try a casual button-up shirt with a basic white tee underneath for easy layering style. Add skinny jeans and a pair of bold white sneakers, then round off this look with some trendy sunglasses and a snug beanie. An effortlessly cool look.


As far as football goes, Siphiwe Tshabalala Tshabalala is part of South African and Kaizer Chiefs folklore and now plies his trade in Turkey. He will forever be remembered for his stunning opening goal at the FIFA World Cup in 2010 hosted on South African soil.

While his caption is all about staying in and adhering to the lockdown, his outfit screams wanting to get out and show up. A slick leather jacket and graphic tee is a classic combo he’s pulling off to perfection. Try it out with some distressed denim jeans and a pair of crisp all-white sneakers.


A Manchester United academy graduate who played under Sir Alex Fergusen, Jesse Lingard isn’t living up to his billing with only one goal this season, prior to the Premier League being suspended.

He’s clearly been spending some time in the home gym looking to make up for that and thankfully his workout style isn’t as big a letdown as his form. Grab a foam roller, and throw on a slick pair of black adidas trackpants paired with a matching adidas performance hoodie and get to raising your game just like he is. Shoes optional.


Moving across to the blue half of Manchester, we take a look at the fleet-footed Leroy Sane. Prior to the season beginning, he was subject to a £90 million purchase offer to move to German powerhouse club Bayern Munich. Sadly, his season never got off to a start as he suffered knee ligament damage (...in Manchester City's penalty victory over Liverpool in the Community Shield back in August, in case you were wondering).

Undoubtedly stepping out into his front yard for some fresh air (and apparently a Hypebeast shoot), you can bag some Sané style by grabbing a worker’s jacket and nonchalantly throwing it over a basic longline tee, paired with oversized rolled-hem chinos. And just like that, you too can look like you’re worth a solid £90 million. Don’t forget to add a pair of fresh sneakers and a luxe beanie for a pop of colour.


A 19-year-old English-born player plying his trade with German side Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho is one of the hottest young talents in football, with a reported asking price of upwards of £100 million. Jadon seemingly doesn’t let any of that get to his head.

Since we’re in the midst of switching seasons with Germany, you might want to take his cue by adding an insulating jacket to your wardrobe, layered over a quality hoodie for some oh-so cool edge. Then add some distressed denim along with some eye-catching sneakers for the coolest at-home style.

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