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Words: Akim Jardine

Ever had that dream where there’s always someone around to make sure you’re dressed impeccably? A style-focused fairy godmother of sorts. Colours perfectly coordinated, not a flaw to be seen on that day, only to wake up and have to figure it all out by yourself. We know there are some questions that even Siri can’t answer, so we took to our social media community to find out what some of your burning fashion questions were. Our team of expert stylists is here to help! Hey, Siri, we’ve got it covered.


Okay okay, take a deep breath. It’s actually pretty simple. The key jackets for the season are a blazer, a simple trench, a big belted coat, a hardy faux-leather biker jacket and a practical parka. Go for what works with your personal style and in a neutral colour palette. Or get one of each and play around with trendy prints such as checks or pinstripes and weatherproof textures such as leather, teddy fur or quilting.


Congrats on having a signature style! Using a solid base of pieces, silhouettes and colours that you love wearing is great. Consider it a capsule wardrobe. To level up, we recommend this: Challenge yourself with one or two new prints and colours in silhouettes that you love to wear. For small changes that make a big impact, try diversifying your accessories instead of overhauling your whole wardrobe. Bags, scarves and hair accessories can totally change a look instantly.


We’re looking forward to a timeless romance. Think delicate florals, super-feminine dresses and practical boots. And sharp tailored jackets in neutral beige and browns meet vintage checks.


We live for a trench coat! The mix of structure and volume means it’ll always lift your look. They’re light enough for warmish days and great to layer beneath for colder ones. The trench also gets bonus points for being the only jacket that goes with anything from sporty track pants and tailored trousers to easy dresses.


Hmm. The 2020 update to colour-blocking pairs hot highlighter hues with soft neutrals and pastels. Try one statement colour such as hot pink and set it against a neutral camel tone.

winter dresses

The answer to dresses in winter always lies in layering. Add a polo neck underneath and even try a trouser underneath a dress. Nothing looks as good as a dress with a great coat over it. Add this season’s slouchy boot or pair with socks and a classic minimal sneaker.

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