Make the most of your own rituals

Words: Sanri Pienaar | Images: Dining In by Alison Roman + Dinner Party Pro host Anna Barnett

The comforting ritual of dining at home simplifies life, even if just for an afternoon – preparing a meal, setting the table and getting dressed for your very own ultra-modern, super-chilled 2020 version of a house party. Cue video calls from friends and family near and far. For me, making tomato soup from scratch with my brother on a Sunday is ultimate bliss. It takes forever to prepare, opening up ample time for wine. Hours spill into hours soaking up the sun, reminiscing about family and travels, then setting the table with pieces collected through the years, all before tucking into a tomato soup feast. Want to create your own feel-good dining experience at home? Here’s how, with tips from the Apartment team.

stay neutral

Make the most with what you’ve got at home. Create relaxed, dreamy tablescapes with creams, off-white and subtle greys that work beautifully with hand-picked leaves and blooms from your garden. Add charm to your sophisticated spread with fresh fruit and vegetables as decoration. Best served alfresco or around the kitchen table.

Handy tip from production coordinator Danielle Theron

“Make meals that could easily (and deliciously) be used for another dish the next day. Too much soup? Add pasta to it the next day. Too much mince? Crack some eggs onto it and make meaty shakshuka.”

keep things eclectic

Mix and match the old with the new to create a nostalgic, wholesome table setting that embraces originality. Combine dinnerware, glassware and silverware in a variety of styles and bring them to life with decor pieces collected, gifted or inherited for a table setting that is simply you. A great way to enhance the homestyle cooking is to invest in cookware that’s beautiful enough to double as serveware.

Handy tip from content manager Nandi Kona

“If you're finding it hard to eat or cook alone and you’re feeling uninspired, exchange recipes with your friends. Either you can cook a special something together virtually or plan a meet-up at a specific time to share a FaceTime meal.”

go formal

Get inspired by the classic film Dinner for One and add to your self-care Sunday routine. Put on your Sunday best, crack open that special bottle of wine and get creative with candles, napkin rings, the whole lot. And why not incorporate dinner place cards for an elegant, personalist last touch?

Handy tip from content editor Kagiso Makgalemele

“Set the scene, bring out your best china and crystal glasses and maybe even light a candle or four. Yes, it's fun and you must just do it!”

show your true
make some space