Styling your outfit, sneaker by sneaker


Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Images: Ian Engelbrecht + Getty

We’ve all been there: searching for the perfect item to match the newly acquired, super-fresh pair of kicks that you can’t wait to debut... then you realise that the outfit combo you’d planned in your head is still in the wash. Or maybe it’s just one of those days when everything you try on looks flat and nothing seems to be working? Sometimes (read: almost always), don’t overthink it. We’ve done half the mental legwork for you. Read on for a few quick tips to help streamline getting dressed when swapping out your sneakers is not an option. This is how to dress, sneakers first.


Although we understand the appeal of a heavily branded sneaker, sometimes the best choice is going for something understated. The epitome of versatility and simplicity, white sneakers are the perfect accompaniment to your workday. If this is your first-ever pair, get the best out of your kicks by keeping the rest of your outfit as smart as possible. Opt for a tucked-in polo shirt, navy linen trousers and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for a little bit of that old-school cool.


Got a striking pair you’d like to wear almost every day? Start with a classic pair of jeans. You can’t go wrong with this sturdy pair from MANGO. You’ll want to steer clear of your distressed and very dark washes to keep your style looking summery. Skinny jeans are more modern, but a straight-leg is the most enduring staple that you can expect to be around despite trends. Wear them with a long-sleeve tee or white button-up shirt – and a bomber jacket when the weather gets nippy.

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Are street fashion and skater-friendly Vans your bag? Then play into the sneakers’ origins. These updated white hightops promise to take up your casual looks by several notches, without trying too hard. For off-duty appeal, throw on a short-sleeve button-up, rolled-up chinos and an adidas Originals bucket hat to finish things off.


If you like your kicks with a bit of sportswear edge, you’ll want a pair of these Nike trainers to add to your arsenal – if you haven’t bought them already. Nike is arguably the most famous purveyor of technology and comfort when it comes to sneakers. Keep your sporty ones from making you look gym-bound by wearing a stylish overshirt. This one, with its military-yet-athletic style, is just the thing. Wear it with bold shorts and sporty socks for easy, effortless dressing.

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