The perfect pocket-sized solutions for six small bags

Mini Mac

Words: Kira Gimpel | Images: Supplied

Introducing the game-changing Mini M.A.Cs — for all the times you wished your favourite products came in smaller sizes, for all the times you lugged around way more than you needed in your carry-on luggage, for all the times your workout session ended with you looking panda-eyed. Get familiar with how we’ll be using ours.

Mac 1

Fact — different moods require different lipsticks, which makes Mini M.A.C lipsticks a great way to sample a range of shades, without committing to a regular-size tube if you’re undecided. Play around with finding your perfect match in pink, coral and burgundy hues. The convenient size means you can keep all six shades in a compact office desk drawer and switch them up whenever the mood strikes.

Mac 2

Leading busy lives with jam-packed schedules sometimes leaves our faces looking a little exhausted come 2pm. Hear us out: a face mist will change your life. M.A.C’s beloved Prep + Prime Fix+ (now in a mini size) has all the vitamins and minerals to soothe skin and add a hydration boost. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve got makeup on — a quick spritz will actually refresh it. The 30ml bottle is the ideal size to keep close by.

Mac 3

On a night out, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is carrying too much stuff in a tiny bag. We’d just like the essentials, please, and lipglass makes the cut. Available in seven popular shades, Mini M.A.C’s Lipglass allows for handy reapplications, giving you picture-perfect lips all night long. Pop one — or two — in a clutch and you’re good to go.

mac 4

For occasional mascara users who only wear eye makeup on the odd occasion, Mini M.A.C’s 3D Mascara will likely become your very good friend. The smaller version of this do-it-all mascara means less air gets into the tube between pumps, ensuring the formula doesn’t weaken or dry out. It’s also the ideal size for trying out some of the brighter colours, such as electric blue Hold For 10.

mac 5

The combination of heat and sweat while exercising opens up your pores, allowing makeup to seep into your skin and cause breakouts, so it’s a good idea to remove makeup before workouts. Add to this, acne-causing bacteria on gym equipment is more likely to stick to makeup particles than bare skin. M.A.C’s Gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water come in a nifty mini pack for quick and easy makeup removal and are gentle on the skin, thanks to soothing micellar water.

mac 6

M.A.C Pigment pots are ideal for many makeup looks, especially when long-lasting eyeshadow with intense colour is required. They can also be used as shimmering washes swept across the eyelid or cheekbones and are now even more convenient in mini sizes, which ensure versatility and adaptability. Don’t leave them out when you’re putting together your last-minute travel makeup kit.

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