The Ones To Watch: Menzi Mcunu

Learn how the Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR Smartwatch helps Menzi Mcunu achieve his goals.

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Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Photography: Aart Verrips

The best-dressed man in the country, according to GQ South Africa’s 2017 Best Dressed list, has always been an avid admirer of men's fashion. Inspired by a fateful trip to India, Menzi Mcunu made his foray into fashion and hasn’t looked back ever since. Today, he designs bespoke suits for men and is the founder of African lifestyle brand, Afrocentric Gentlemvn, while also creating digital content.

Whether he’s crafting made-to-measure suits, creating luxury content or consulting, Menzi gets it all done with the help of his Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR Smartwatch. We caught up with the young entrepreneur to see what a day in his shoes actually looks like.

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What does a usual day look like for you?

I don’t have a usual day, every day is different. Some days I have meetings all day, some days I’m on set and some days I’ll spend some of the day in studio, and then some in content meetings.

Your watch collection paints you as classics guy, how did you feel about adding some tech amongst that?

I'm mostly a traditionalist in terms of watches. This is my first experience with a smartwatch. After syncing and having my details in both devices at one time, I could see who was WhatsApping me or if I was receiving a call without having to take my phone out. Sometimes my phone is quite far from me, so I don’t always hear it but with the Smartwatch my whole wrist would vibrate. The fact that reminders appear on my wrist makes it very convenient to see what I'm doing next.

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And how would you describe your style and what are your three go-to style tips?

I’d describe my style as ‘afro-dandy’, sartorial and sometimes avant-garde. My style tips would be: the wider the lapel the better. You can never go wrong with loafers and you should learn all the rules of fashion just to break them.

Given that you’re a sartorial dandy, how do you wear a timepiece that doesn't always fit in to such a specific aesthetic?

Obviously, I like that Fossil has kept a traditional look, while other brands are very futuristic-looking. As I am a traditionalist, I like that it still looks like a traditional watch even though it's not.

What do you enjoy about creating men’s suits?

I enjoy the whole process, from seeing a garment just as a fabric to imagining it as a final garment. How through various tailoring elements, I can bring it all together. I love working with my clients and expressing my vision through them.

Finally, what do you think men often get wrong about menswear?

Men often think the slimmer the better, sometimes it’s just about the garment fitting correctly, too skinny looks uncomfortable and ill-fitting. We’re all different and good is different on all of us. It’s important to dress to your body and form.

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