The Building Blocks of Good Style

Investing in new work separates is investing in yourself. Here's the plan for owning 2019 one menswear item at a time…


By Jason Basson

There's a reason why the table of senior execs at your office are always so well dressed. It's not that they can afford nice clothes while you can barely pay for the electricity you need to toast the last three slices of bread in your fridge (pay day is coming guys!). No, it's actually all about style.

You think that's ridiculous, don't you? Well, it's not. Style isn't about being fashionable. It's not about being on trend. It's really just about having a watertight identity that translates across all aspects of your life: how you dress, how you walk, how you talk and what you say, if you open the door for other people or if your desk is a hot mess. It all adds up to style. It's your brand, how much control you actually have over your life and the way you are perceived by the world. Are you a product of circumstance or your environment? Or do you call the shots and curate the life around you? 

Think about it. If you're screening candidates for a prospective job would be more inclined to hire the unkempt, badly coordinated, nervous mess that came three minutes late to his interview or the super serene, well-groomed guy who showed up early and even has nice stationery with his initials engraved on everything? Hmmm… I wonder.

Anyway, far be it from us to try rewrite your destiny and motivate you to live a better life; we simply just want you to consider that what you put out into the world has a lot more power than you think. And because we like you and want you to be the best version of you, here are some very basic, but tried and tested bits of advice on how to be better and get ahead in life using the building blocks of great office style.

So what's a knight without his sword, a horse or a full suit of armour? Just a guy with a bad attitude and sense of entitlement. To be the belle of bureaucracy you will need the full regalia. Above are your building blocks of office style, invest in them and finesse your style. 

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