7 new arrivals we can't do without

Our pick of Superbalist's best new summer items

While not nearly as much fun as getting dressed for a frigid winter's day at work – we love styling up in a wool suit, layering on a topcoat, wrapping up in a scarf, pulling heavy winter boots over thick mohair socks before grabbing our umbrella and heading out – there's something about effortless summer style that makes us smile.

As much an exercise in keeping cool as it is about looking cool, a strong vacation look is all about striking a balance of carefree style while still looking good enough to catch the eye of a potential admirer. Summer loving, happens so fast... 

Now in articles past we've told you how to crack any dress code, smarten up for summer and more, but for this excursion we've simply rounded up a list of our favourite menswear accessories to invest in. 

Loosen up with these seven items, all of which will go great with the summer items that you already own. 

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The Watch

You may think that wearing a watch on leave goes against the entire point of holidays, but if you're doing December right you would've filled your downtime with as many activities as you can fit into each day. Missing one may start a domino effect where you're playing catchup or missing others, but a watch allows you to be on time and have the time of your life.

The Belt

When you're wearing so very little, it's the little things that make all the difference. As a summer look shorts and a T-shirt is fine, but kind of expected, and so when you tuck your T-shirt into your shorts and keep everything properly fitted with a handsome belt you're upping the ante considerably. Matching the leather of a plaited belt to a pair of tasseled loafers, or a canvas belt with canvas sneakers are the summer details that will make you stand out.

The Fragrance

Summer means sweat, and while we recommend a powerful antiperspirant to battle unpleasant odour, a signature scent will lift your mood and those around you, too. We like Burberry Brit for Him, but any lighter fragrance will work in summer so avoid anything too musky or woody and instead spritz a fresh, clean fragrance with citrus notes. Just remember that the sun will cause your summer scent to evaporate faster so reapply throughout the day.

The Shades

Sunglasses are the best accessory for hiding hangovers, staring at sunbathers, facing an early morning or enjoying a sundowner. They'll also make you look cool if you pick your frame correctly. We're all about a lightweight, rounded style this summer.

The Shirt

The perfect summer shirt doesn't ex... Well, would you look at that! Soft and unstructured, which is pretty much the opposite of the summer body you should've built in winter already, the light colour won't absorb heat but will pop the darker your tan gets. Wear this shirt unbuttoned over a white vest to really bring the tropical heat. 

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The Hat

You do not want to take any chances with the sun, so get yourself a hat that offers the best defence against harmful rays. A bucket hat is that hat, and will keep the sun off your forehead, shade your face and protect your neck. Even the tips of your ears are good. 

The Footwear

We give flip-flops a hard time but if ever there was a time to rock them guilt-free it's on your summer vaycay. Just don't be so lazy you live in your flip flops all summer, as now is the perfect time to bring out some of the other summer footwear favourites such as clean white sneakers, canvas plimsoles, boatshoes and loafers.

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