How to Dress like Bey (even if you stay)

The countdown to the Global Citizen Festival is almost over, and so is the search for the perfect outfit

Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Photographs: Getty

It's the type of excitement you probably can't express in words – only sounds can begin to do it justice. The countdown to the Global Citizen Festival is almost over, which means it's only days until members of the South African Beyhive will witness Beyoncé live in concert. (Deep breaths – let's take a moment.)

The most important question, surely, is what to wear. You owe it to yourself to dress in tribute to the queen. If fashion is about symbolism and keeping in touch with the spirit of the times, a Beyoncé-inspired look is perfect not only if you're attending Global Citizen, but even if you're staying home. Use your look as a way to feel close to Bey, even if circumstances have resulted in you staying away.


Until now, Beyoncé's greatest 2018 performance was at Coachella – pardon – BeyChella. Who else delivers performances so strong they actually change the name of the event at which they took place? Will we look back on 2 December as the day of the Beehive Citizen Festival? Who knows? Either way, Bey's yellow hoodie and denim short shorts are a look that's perfect for early December Jozi weather (maybe add a crop top under the hoodie for peak temperatures). It couldn't be more festival appropriate. A perfect tribute.


Looking to channel a slicker Bey? Opt for her strikingly elegant Grammys look: a long simple black dress with hat and razor-sharp sunnies. This look may be better suited for those staying at home, or for an after party. 


A more serene Bey, in all white, is the type of look that could work at the festival or elsewhere, depending on the piece you choose. In the 'Apesh*t' video, Beyoncé dances in front of the Winged Victory of Samothrace in a long white column dress with what appears to be an exaggerated frill attachment starting at her right knee and crashing over her shoulder. A much more relaxed version of this manifested on her historic September VOGUE cover (Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, the first black photographer to shoot a cover for the magazine). The frilly white Gucci gown (complete with a floral burst headpiece) is elevated festival wear at its best. Don't come at this with a minimal mindset. Instead, think ornate thoughts: create a modern bohemian fantasy. Do the most, because there's absolutely no doubt Beyoncé will. 

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