6 model beauty secrets to steal right now

Start by embracing and playing up your strongest features to create your signature look

model beauty secrets

By Zoya Pon

Six models of the moment stand out from the crowd by embracing and playing up their signature looks and features. Scroll down to discover how to get their look, elevate your own unique features as well as steal their pro beauty tips and tricks from #setlife.

Hana Jayne Sho's Insta Look


Hana rocks multiple looks from natural to OTT makeup when on set, but everyday (and on Insta) she prefers a low maintenance look of faux freckles and red-tone eye makeup.

"I think freckles look cute on anyone and I just love red eye-makeup... a lot. It's something that will always look good after getting a little messy."

Get the look: Hana finds that liquid brow pens are the best for faux freckles and uses lip liner as eyeliner or eyeshadow after smudging it. "Don't worry about doing neat makeup, the messier the better."

Pro tip: The number one eyebrow trick Hana's learnt on set is to "always extend them a little further than where they actually end. Nice to know for someone who has thin brows like me."

Beauty is: "An expressive reflection of whatever you want to be."

Caitlin Lamb's Dewy Skin


Caitlin wasn't always in love with her freckles, but embracing her natural features over heavy makeup has been key in keeping her skin healthy and glowing. And clients love it.

"I never liked my freckles when I was growing up because it made me feel different from everyone else. However, having been in the modelling industry for six years now I've learnt to embrace everything that makes me unique!"

Get the look: Caitlyn can't emphasise enough how important it is to look after your skin, and says that the key to her dewy skin is strict skin care, starting with sunblock. Hydration is also a big player in Caitlin's regimen, who recommends daily moisturising supplemented with a hydrating face mask twice a week.

Pro tip: Caitlin recommends keeping makeup minimal and that if you don't have to wear makeup, then don't, as foundations and concealers can clog your pores. If you must wear makeup often she suggests taking breaks to give your face time to breathe and recommends a nice, light BB cream rather than wearing thick foundation daily. On set Caitlin packs her own face wipes and moisturiser, and after wrapping takes her makeup off immediately.

Beauty is: Self love.

Sisipho Nstabo's Bold Red Lip 

Sisipho Nstabo's Bold Red Lip

As a university student who is always on the rush, filming editing or going to castings, Sisipho is fan of the natural look, which she then elevates using a bold red lip. 

"Red lips are my favourite. It gives me a bit more edge and it's also sexy. Your body is yours and no one else's. Loving your body means consistent self-affirmation and positivity. It's continuous. But it's so rewarding."

Get the look: Your lips are the focus here so moisturise them and always carry lip butter or lip gloss to ensure your lips are on point. Secondly, if your lips are always chapped, Sisipho recommends using a sugar and water scrub every second night. Otherwise don't forget to sleep! "Rest your beautiful face. We need rest and the consequences of sleep deprivation is visible on the face, the skin and eyes."

Pro tip: "Always tell anyone working on your face what type of skin you have and what products are harsh on your skin", she advises. "Harsh products can undo months of water and skin care routine work. Sometimes, I bring my own foundation just in case they don't have my specific tone. Always be prepared."

Beauty is: Subjective. So, why would you want to please anyone other than yourself?

Shae Barnes' Buzzcut 

Shae Barnes' Buzzcut

Shae decided to shave her head on a whim. She'd already shaved an undercut and decided to just carry on shaving and her buzzcut ended up becoming a client favourite.

"Whilst shaving it, I was petrified, but as I looked in the mirror with all my hair on the floor, I felt so relieved and liberated. I would definitely recommend getting a buzz cut once in your life for a fresh start and perspective on the way you look."

Get the look: While the idea of shaving your head may be scary to most, Shae says the perks include being cheaper to dye and so easy to maintain. The only maintenance is that every three-to-four weeks you'll have to get it shaved again. Shae uses Moroccan oil after a wash and has a keratin treatment done.

Pro tip: "With a buzz cut I've found that makeup artists have started bringing more attention to a specific facial feature." She says that the focus falls on "perfecting contouring and sculpting the face", so she emphasizes her cheekbones and brows more. "I like to brush my brows up using a bit of the wax I use for my hair". On set she asks the makeup artist to keep her brows natural and bushy-looking.

Beauty is: "Embracing your own unique style and feeling comfortable within your own skin."

Jordan Rand's Barely There Beauty 

Jordan Rand's Barely There Beauty

A self-confessed tomboy, Jordan avoids heavy makeup as she spends her days zipping around on her motorbike and a full face helmet makes it nearly impossible to wear makeup without having it plastered to the inside of the helmet.

"Your beauty should suit you and your lifestyle, and so my beauty look is lightweight, quick, and motorcycle friendly."

Get the look: Eye masks keep eye bags and dark circles at bay, and in the morning Jordan will use them to wake up her eyes, as well as after work when she takes off her makeup. A tinted moisturizer with an SPF is priority number one, and next she lightly brushes mascara through the outer corners of her lashes for a winged lash effect. A brow gel is a must-have for anyone with "diabolically rebellious eyebrows" like Jordan's and lastly she adds some bronzer. "I may be half black, but I have ghostly pale skin sometimes and this adds some much needed life and warmth back into my cheeks."

Pro tip: "Less is more. I've always found that the more makeup I wear, the more I feel like I need to wear it, but when I force myself to stop wearing so much makeup my skin is much clearer and happier, my lashes grow longer and fuller, and eventually I just feel prettier without makeup."

Beauty is: "Confidence, happiness and being comfortable in your own skin."

Anette Kemp's Fiery Curls


Anette didn't always embrace her curls, but the actress and model soon learnt to love them. 

"Curls are youthful and fun, and having a moment after the GHD craze from the past few years. Maintaining and enhancing them is a skill that takes some time to master, but one that makes you stand out as unique!"

Get the look: Annette avoids conditioning her curls as she finds it weighs them down and kills the springy and bouncy effect. For moisture she opts for a hair mask or hot olive oil treatment at home. She's also made her hairdryer's diffuser her BFF. "Diffusing helps the curls keep their shape and combats frizz. Blow dry with your head thrown forward and upside down for maximum volume." After washing Annette applies a mousse which she scrunches into her hair to form curls. Once dry she sets it and tames flyaways with hairspray.

Pro tip: "Your hair, skin and nails are the first things people notice about you, so keep them clean and shiny!" Can't-live-without beauty products include moisturiser, hairspray and a nail file.

Beauty is: "Confidence. It's knowing you're here for a reason and rising to the occasion of your life."

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