Recreate The Top SAFW beauty looks

The tips and tricks for blush bomb, grunge glam, citrus fresh and more runway model makeup looks

SAFW runway beauty

Words: Zoya Pon | Photographs: Allister Christie | MUA: Clanelle Burger

The 21st edition of South African Fashion Week wrapped up last weekend, celebrating the milestone with a “retrospective exhibition of designer garments going back to its launch in 1997” as well as a limited edition book “capturing this fashion evolution.”

The Autumn/Winter 2019 designer collections were a mix of established designers, new kids on the scene and a nod to the names that paved the way.

And the fashion wasn’t the only highlight... Here's a roundup of the top five runway beauty looks, with the shows that inspired them, tips on trying them for yourself and our rating of each.


The show: SOBER

SAFW runway beauty

Sober’s AW19 collection was a preppy, pastel affair featuring mid-length and full-length dresses and skirts, cinched at the waist. The colour palette and print accents were complemented with a pastel blue eyeliner and peach lips.

Rating: 4/5

This look is super cute and easy to wear IRL, with Clanelle keeping the liner to the top lid.

It’s easy to re-create and wear out, although perhaps not with such a similarly pastel outfit (to avoid looking like a real life doll – unless that’s your thing!), but rather solid contrasting clothing. It’s a little too girly for me, but if worn with either the lip or liner taking centre-stage, totally versatile for any event or outfit.

TIP: Start from the middle of the lid outwards, and then line the inner eyelid to the middle, with one last swipe across.



SAFW runway beauty

Black Coffee’s show at 44 Stanley featured pink and red-hued blush swept across the face, from cheek to cheek. It was daring, just like the fashion exhibited, which saw experimental juxtapositions between dark and light, sheer and solid, and geometric lines against soft net and tulle accents.

Rating: 3/5

Clanelle chose to keep the blush to the tops of cheeks in a softer shade of pink. For the rest of the face, keep it light, with a sheer pink lipstick used as a lipstain, and mascara. I’d definitely wear this out more toned down, for day or night – because a bit of blush is always fitting and flattering.



SAFW runway beauty

White mascara and graphic brows were a beauty highlight at the Amanda Laird Cherry show. Double Alice-bands complemented the white makeup and print accents, with monochrome being offset by navy and dark brown. A mix of structured pieces and flowing fabrics, the looks were tied together with statement belts and printed scarves and shirts.

Rating: 4/5

This was my favourite look, but it’s not easy to wear, and structured eyeliner in general is notorious for its difficulty. However, separately they are not as intimidating, and only time will tell if I dare to rock a white eyeliner or mascara on a night out.

TIP: To max out any white or bright mascara, apply multiple layers to just the tips of lashes. PS: Blue is universally flattering as it brings out the whites of the eyes.



SAFW runway beauty

Never thought you’d hear the words ‘sexy’ and ‘knitting’ together? Well, today is the day. This show was sexy knitting in a nutshell, challenging the granny-like connotations associated with the fabric, by featuring it in bright hues and stripes, weaved into sexy and flattering cuts. To contrast, the makeup featured an edgy, glossy dark red lip.

Rating: 5/5

When out, my fail safe hack is to add a dark lip and keep the rest of my makeup simple so this was an obvious favourite. Clanelle kept the lipstick finish matte, instead of glossy, which I think makes it more versatile for day and night. I definitely felt more badass, and I think you will too.



SAFW runway beauty

Bright orange lips appeared against natural skin and neutral-tones for HSE of Bespoke. The collection featured clothing with cinched in waists, and white and orange accents contrasting against earthy, structured main pieces.

Rating: 5/5

This look is simple to recreate, easy to wear out during the day and night and perfect for summer. Clanelle kept the rest of my makeup simple, making sure the lip was the focus.

Bonus: orange shades are flattering for everyone! Make sure the undertones match your skin’s undertones (so fair complexions for cool tones and medium to dark complexions for warmer tones).

TIP: Add a little highlighter on your cupid’s bow.

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