9 totally affordable street style moments

The AFI Fashion Week JHB looks that deserve a second look, plus how to buy into them for less

afi street style trends

Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Photography: Gallo 

We all know some of the best fashion week style moments happen off the runway, and this season's AFI Fashion Week JHB was no exception. Simply put, guests came to slay in a wide range of looks that you can consider your summer season style cheat sheet. Best of all: with key items starting from R99, you don't have to fork out piles of cash to make these looks your own.

1: The Power Trouser

The Power Trouser

This is a moment we need more of – traditional clothing worn in a beautiful fashion context. The black power trouser and white heels are key elements in this look: classic and timeless, they allow the top to shine while playing perfectly with proportions. It's also the kind of thing you can wear again and again (every time with a different top) without anyone noticing. That's value right there.

2: The Resort Shirt

The Resort Shirt

We've had this chat, but here's more proof that the Resort Shirt is the menswear must-buy of the season. It goes with everything, providing a sense of laidback cool no other piece can dream of emulating. Just look at Jeff Spicoli over here... 

3: The Suit

the suit

In case you were still on the fence, now is the perfect time to invest in a suit. Still a hit on the international runways and street style, a subtle yet direct symbol of female power, fashion's womenswear suiting obsession is just getting started. It's also a very smart buy because of the endless styling options: together or as separates, casual with a logo tee or formal over and under a dress, with heels or flats, right now a blazer looks great thrown over literally anything… the list goes on.

4: The White Shirt

The White Shirt

Sometimes you really just need to chill out and keep things simple. A great white shirt is the perfect solution to your slightly more formal summer party dress codes. Style it to reflect your personality. Go full-on Carrie Bradshaw and contrast with a frilly skirt, or channel your masculine power with bold trousers.

5: Twinning in 2018


An updated take on twinning just means sharing a memo. Pick at least three items (here we're thinking sunnies, printed tee, and sneakers) with your style bestie, then both build looks around that. It makes for a cohesive style moment that's highly conducive to the gram.

6: Monotone


Here's how to do monotone the affordable way. Pick something in your closet that you really like, then shop for another item that matches. Together, they'll create a very considered look that serves as a blank canvas for a statement accessory, or just give you the opportunity to have fun with texture. Instead of shopping for an entire look, you're just finding the missing link.

7. Retro Future Sunglasses

retro future sunglasses

You can wear pretty much anything – as long as it's paired with slim shades that feel at once retro and future, your look is on the money. Seriously, when last was it this simple to make it fashion?

8. Colour


Take a classic combination – white tee and denim jacket – and add something punchy like a primary-colour cap. It finishes off the look perfectly, making it contemporary and fun. The groovy sunnies are a welcome, though optional addition.

9. The Longer Line

the longer line

There's something about a maxi dress that says 'I got this.' Pretty much a full look, there's very little extra styling work needed. It's this type of simplistic statement dressing that will firmly establish you as the style influencer you already know you are.

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