4 Music videos that will inspire a more colourful home

Colour-block your home with inspiration from P!nk, Meghan Trainor, Glass Animals and St Vincent

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By Nabeel Allie 

Add colour and vibrancy to your home by incorporating the latest decor trend – typified by colourful pops, angular designs and elements of retro-futurism that will reinvigorate your home with liveliness. And to prove that inspiration is everywhere, we’re sharing four music videos imbued with the styles that will inspire you to pop. From Meghan Trainor to P!nk to Glass Animals and St. Vincent, these music videos will inspire you to bring colour into your home. 

Meghan Trainor 'All About That Bass'

When it originally took over the airwaves we didn’t even know Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ had a music video. We thought it just appeared on playlists, movie soundtracks, the radio and when people requested it at family events. However, we quickly learnt the video was as fun as the track, and while the song is about celebrating all body types ‘All About That Bass’ celebrates only one decor type: an ultra-feminine, nursery-inspired hue that's reminsicent of the boiled sweets our nan kept in her handbag. 

Maybe the set designer got carried away with making everything pastel, but we can’t deny being captured by the soft blues, pinks, yellows and lilacs, which coolly complement each other. The pastel outfits help bring it all together too, and while we won’t force you to douse your wardrobe and home in pastel like a Brothers Grimm fairytale, we do encourage it in moderation to give your home a playfully youthful finish. 

Glass Animals 'Season 2 Episode 3'

Despite the questionable song title (this is an indie band, so there you go), Glass Animals imbue a futuristic edge to their music video for ‘Season 2 Episode 3’. It’s all in the subtleties though, so do ignore the fried chicken and overflowing ashtray. The deep-seated couch that’s made with hard-housing and featuring long-stemmed lamps on either side is reminiscent of an episode of The Jetsons.

A launching point to style your living room, the coffee table is close to the floor, which on one hand is a practical companion for the couch and on the other, is a way to maintain consistency in the room’s aesthetic. Retro in its futurism, the styles used by Glass Animals can effortlessly express your vibrancy. Take a leaf out of their book and employ your couch as the base colour, allowing complementing shades and accessories to seamlessly connect. 

P!nk 'Beautiful Trauma'

P!nk is a global icon. A maverick. An I-do-what-I-want artist. A punk who rides motorbikes, drinks beer and punches people in the mouth. P!nk is a boss who, at the turn of the decade, managed to blend her edgy style with a more ubiquitous pop style. The video for her 'Beautiful Trauma' provides a colourful backdrop for a dark song. 

In ‘Beautiful Trauma’, she enlists the help of Channing Tatum – who is also, just, wow: what a man – to take you on a tour of her beautiful suburban home. The yellow pots + crockery used in the kitchen show that bright colours can fit in anywhere while in her blue bar and living area, she shows us how metallic and glass accents can stylishly complement a regal colour scheme. Throughout a deep green shows you how you can use it to always provide the finishing touch. 

St. Vincent 'Los Angeles'

St. Vincent is to music what Michael Cera is to film: an enigma who is now part of a niche segment of the public conscience. By using a series of striking sets, the artist uses sleek colour palettes that flip convention in ways that make you want more. And you can get more by taking tips when styling your home.

Contrasting pastel bases with primary colours and clashing primary colours with pastels and prints, she effortless brings the music video to life. In the dentist chair, she works off plain walls and makes them pop with a bold blue headscarf and red heels. When sitting in her red recliner, she’s clad in leopard-print. To say simply: you can make your rooms, spaces and home pop with the essentials and not only accessories. Think pillow-covers, lampshades and sheets that will come to life off bases like floors, walls, rugs and more. 

The lessons St. Vincent, P!nk, Glass Animals and Meghan Trainor have taught us is that there are inspirations for our homes all around us. From movies to music videos, pop culture can expand your creative imagination in a way that magazines and decor websites sometimes can't. In our quick-paced society, the aesthetics of your most beloved icons will imbue your space with the vigour and energy you’ve always wanted. We'd like to hear from you which of the featured four artists' colourful contemporaries should be included here for services to the colourful-home trend? Use the comment box below. 

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