The Mixtape Vol. 170

Mason Mojela brings an exclusive mix of house, techno and African influenced sounds

As a youngster Ernest Mojela downloaded Virtual DJ and messed around with it without really knowing what he was doing. Still, this exposed him to DJing and was the seed that made him take things more seriously. Watching a lot of festival after-movies, Ernest would always imagine himself playing on these huge stages to the same large crowds and slowly started to learn the craft. Last year Ernest finally realised his dreams of playing a set at Rocking The Daisies. Listen to the exclusive mix and read our Q&A with Mason Mojela after the jump.

What's your sound story?

Over the past year I have been indecisive when it has comes to my exact sound. If you look at the type of music I wanted to play a year ago compared to the music I work with now, it has changed. Originally I would listen to house but didn't really see myself playing it live, I felt a stronger connection to Soulection, Trap and hip-hop, but after really spending time listening to house music and putting myself in environments where I was exposed to this sound, I found myself falling in love with it and that is the main reason why I never rushed into deciding what type of music I wanted to play until I really felt a connection and could see myself playing a sound for years to come.

What was the first album you bought?

 Lil Wayne's Carter 3 about eight years ago. I was so obsessed with Lil Wayne when I was younger. 

What's in the mix you made for us?

A mixture of vibey house and techno sounds with African influences. Sounds from South African producers to sounds from International artists. This mix shows my range when it comes to house music, from house to deep techno.

Where should we play this?

Anywhere from a chill to a serious party or festival. My goal with all the mixes I make and perform is to make sure they are as versatile as possible. So with a little adjustment I can play a mix at chilled sundowners or brought up to perform at festival level.

What's the most exciting thing happening in music right now?

Speaking for music in South Africa, I think we are slowly finding our own sound in the music scene as a whole and are slowly starting to own it. We are also being noticed for this globally. Even though this isn't that important, it's still good. The industry is slowly opening up to younger talent and creating platforms for them to display and excel with their work.

Which DJ would you love to open for?

Black Coffee, as I have been following his work for the longest time and he's had a strong influence on my sound. My top three would be Black Coffee, Flume and Black Motion.

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