AKA x Reebok 'Practice'

"I wanted to create a classic. Something iconic. Something timeless."

AKA x Reebok 'Practice'

Yesterday saw the release of AKA's latest street anthem 'Practice' a collaboration between the rapper and Reebok Classic.

"AKA is a fantastic fit for Reebok Classic as a brand. He personifies confidence, style and performance," says PJ Morilly, Brand Director at Reebok South Africa.

We have been watching the collaboration develop over the last few weeks on social media – with a unique window into AKA's world of sessions in the boardroom, the gym, the recording studio, clubs and restaurants, all of which have gone into his latest artistic endeavour.

AKA x Reebok 'Practice'

The track samples an interview with the charismatic Allen Iversen – iconic basketball player and Reebok athlete – whose words sound as if they were purpose-built for AKA's lyrics.

"I wanted to create a classic. Something iconic. Something timeless," says AKA. "I got thinking about how there's no shortcuts to greatness, y'know? You gotta put in the work. You want to run out of space in your safe? And trophy cabinet? You gotta sweat."

Clearly drawing on his own commitment to his craft, AKA went on to say "that lead me to the concept of 'Practice'. When I came across the Iversen interview about practice, and realised he was a Reebok athlete, I knew I was onto something special."

AKA x Reebok 'Practice'

"We wanted to create a campaign that did justice to these two epic brands," says Johnny Marques, Chief Creative Officer of Hats+Rabbits Advertising, Reebok South Africa's agency.

"People are willing to be loyal to brands, but they want true value from them. They want access and experiences. This campaign was all about providing a window into the world of an epic colab, and bringing fans along for the ride."

Fans are invited to sign up to Reebok Delta to download the track and music video.

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